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United Way of Jackson County works with local partners to make individuals and families financially stable

What does that mean?

  • People earn enough to meet basic needs; food, shelter, health care, etc.
  • People earn enough to save for the future.
  • People can manage a budget and credit.
  • People can purchase an asset; housing, education, transportation, etc.

Through shared efforts in education, income, health and supports, we’re helping individuals and families succeed for a lifetime across Jackson County.

We will measure our success so you can see the direct IMPACT of your gift.





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What's News!


United Way blog - impacts!

IMPACT! Finding Hope Beyond Addiction

Achieving a financially stable life isn’t just about money. Many people face barriers that keep them from believing in a hopeful future. Domestic violence and addiction are two such barriers. Our partnership with AWARE Inc. does more than provide shelter for victims of violence; it…

IMPACT! Tackling Trauma

Research shows that trauma has lifelong effects. Even trauma experienced by a young child can influence that person well into adulthood. United Way knows that helping people deal with trauma is a crucial part of building a pathway to financial stability. That’s why we partner…

IMPACT! Building the Pathways Early

The first steps on the pathway to financial stability begin in childhood. That’s where people can build a foundation for their entire life by learning well and succeeding in school. But sometimes tough circumstances can unsettle a young student. That’s why United Way invests in…