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We want Jackson County to be a community rich in opportunity and free from poverty. We want our community to be a place where everyone has the chance to achieve financial stability and success. However, the reality is 42% of our households are living at or near poverty. Our friends and our neighbors are struggling to make ends meet. United Way of Jackson County is fighting for the financial stability of everyone in our community by bringing together every dollar, partner, and tool we can to help those in need.  Among those tools is an opportunity for individuals to learn how to achieve stability through the UWJC supported Financial Empowerment Program. Janice is just one example of the hundreds of success stories that are happening in Jackson County as result of this program.

Three years ago, Janice was living in an apartment that is best described as a dive. It was pretty obvious that the place was one or two repairs away from not being safe. Janice’s last steady job was seasonal and ended in early January. Child support, along with the occasional house or office cleaning gig, barely kept up with the rent, bills, and food.

Janice knew she could have a better life; she just didn’t know how to get there. She saw the 211 flyer at the elementary school. Two days later, she called for assistance. Janice was connected to several services that addressed her basic needs and helped with her current situation. She was also connected to the United Way supported Financial Empowerment program at Community Action Agency. She attended the classes and started fighting for her future.

Today, after a lot of hard work and assistance from her counselor, Janice and her children are living in that brighter future. Her credit score, once as low as 500, is 730, she is approved for a mortgage and is close to moving out of that dump. Her occasional cleaning gig has turned into her own small business, and it’s growing. Janice has developed her pathway to financial stability and success.

Every participant of this program becomes aware of strategies and services that will help them become self-sufficient. Many of these participants have been able to reduce their debt and improve their situation. Your support is making a difference by empowering individuals to take the steps needed to achieve financial stability and success.

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