Success Story Continued
Carl and Emily needed help.  Carl’s company was struggling which meant his job was eliminated.  A couple weeks later the same thing happened to Emily.  Just like that a stable family was struggling.  They’ve never been in a situation like this.  They were stressed.  They didn’t know how they were going to keep a roof over their head, food on the table or even keep the lights on.  The bills continued to pile up and their options were running out.  Emily heard about the Basic Needs program and asked for help.   First the family was giving a week’s worth of food.  With one less thing to worry about they could work on other issues.  Next, The Basic Needs Program, working with Consumers Energy was able to pay off half their bill and arrangements were made for a manageable monthly payment.  Carl and Emily were able to get good used school clothes for their children and low cost repairs for their home.  As a result of all their troubles, Emily was showing signs of anxiety and depression, the Basic Needs Program provided her access to counseling.  Carl and Emily received assistance and resources that helped stabilize their family as they continue to look for new jobs.  Carl and Emily will succeed.

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