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“LIVE UNITED means all people, from all walks of life and circumstances, united by a passion to serve and improve the community we share.”

Valerie Jurasek is a Global Safety and Pharmacovigilance Associate with Inventiv Health and has been a United Way of Jackson County board member for nearly 2 years.

Valerie wants to do her part to make our community a better place, that’s why she dedicates part of her time to United Way of Jackson County.

“I like being involved in anything that betters the community. By providing support to people in the community through programs, we are helping the community as a whole. I have also gone through hard times and now that I am back on my feet, I enjoy giving back where I am able.”

United Way has a vision for Jackson County. We will be a community rich in opportunities to eliminate poverty and allow all people to achieve financial stability and success. Our first goal enroute to making our vision a reality is to help 5,000 Jackson County residents develop a pathway to financial success by 2025. Valerie believes working toward our vision and goal will have a positive impact on Jackson for years to come.

“The new direction of United Way will allow us to focus on addressing the root of most problems, as a whole, instead of focusing on short-term solutions. This will allow us to see greater long-term progress in the community.”

When Valerie isn’t working or volunteering, she enjoys spending time with family, running and traveling.

Thank you Valerie for your leadership and commitment to making Jackson County a better place for everyone.

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