United Way

Gather a team of creative, enthusiastic co-workers who can help you plan an effective campaign.

Engage a diverse group of employees for additional support throughout the campaign.

Be sure to get company leaders involved. They can directly encourage support and thank those who give.


Find creative ways to tell our story-how United Way changes lives and how people can be involved. Visit our blog IMPACTS! for some great examples.

Face-to-face meetings are the most effective way to engage employees. We can help you do this!

Use activities and communications, from emails to special events, to keep the campaign front and center.


Put together a fun, focused campaign plan. Include a theme, exciting activities, clear goals and a timeline.

Make sure all employees have the opportunity to participate in the campaign.

Communicate regularly before, during and after your campaign. It helps people feel engaged!


Ask employees to give. The #1 reason people give is because someone asked.

Hold fundraisers to generate additional support and to get employees excited.

Don't forget to say THANK YOU! Personal "thanks" and recognition can be as important as prizes.

All of our Campaign Materials and Videos are available for you to use so please take advantage of everything on our site.

You don't have to do this alone. Our experienced campaign team is able to assist you throughout your entire campaign. Please contact Beth Shafer.