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At-Risk Girls Are Becoming More Confident


We believe young girls who develop positive attitudes and grow up with strong self-esteem have a better chance of succeeding in school.  By supporting the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Outreach Program, we can provide opportunities to young girls that will help them become strong confident women.  The Outreach Program provides access to Girl Scout activities for disadvantaged or at-risk girls who may otherwise fall through the cracks.  Hailey is just one girl of many who is growing and becoming more confident because of her access to Girl Scout events in Jackson.

As a special reward, one of the Outreach Facilitators, brought in her bunny for the girls to learn about and play with.  Hailey is a special needs student at Bennet Elementary.  She is often “hit or miss” on whether or not she wants to come join in on the fun from week to week. When she found out about the bunny, she was scared and wanted to go back to her class room. The facilitator was able to get Hailey to not only stay with the group, but she had her petting the bunny and smiling. It was a great thing seeing her smile and laugh!

Within just the first half of last year, nearly 170 girls from several locations across Jackson County were able to benefit from the Outreach Program.  Survey results of the program showed almost all the girls had positive indicators for a strong sense of self, and about 90% of the girls showed indicators of cooperation and teamwork. 

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