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Creating Financial Independence in Jackson

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freedom-from-chainsNearly 25,000 Jackson county households struggle to make ends meet (click on the ALICE Report on our home page). Many of the families that are facing financial difficulties can be helped by simply learning how to better manage their money. United Way of Jackson County supports a program that does just that. The Community Action Agency’s Financial Freedom class give’s participants the knowledge base and skills they need to achieve financial independence. Class participants learn about creating a budget plan, how to make arrangements with creditors, how to establish credit, develop goals, learn how to communicate with their spouse about money and more.

Here is just one example of the impact made in Jackson County through this program. Community Action Agency had one of their own employees recently take the class and she loved it. She has since lowered her utility bill, settled with a couple of her creditors and enrolled in their IDA program. She encouraged one of her clients to take the class and they learned how to be organized. They also learned how increasing her assets can help her achieve greater financial independence. She had family that was taking her tax return and she has since put a stop to that so she can work on building her own assets including starting a savings account at a bank. She was against banks when she first started the class.

Participants are gaining financial knowledge and are learning for themselves how to make ends meet in struggling times.