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Creating Pathways Toward Stability Through Mentoring

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UNITED WE WIN by helping at-risk students improve their reading skills and prepare for their future. Students who come from households that are at or near poverty, more often than not are also struggling in school. Through your support, United Way has partnered with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Jackson County to help students and their parents develop a pathway toward success. Site-Based Mentors are encouraged to work with their littles on literacy, financial stability, and creating future-focused goals. BBBS also uses United Way’s Self-Sufficiency tool with the little’s parents and are revisiting these documents on an annual basis. This combined process helps students believe and prepare for a better future for themselves, while helping their parents work toward financial stability in the present. Here is just one example of how your support is changing lives in Jackson County.

This January the site-based program added a new match. Allison and Sue were matched and quickly began working on reading goals. It is helpful that they meet in the library at lunch, so they began reading chapter books together. Allison gets to choose the chapter book and they rotate reading the chapters together. They chose to work on reading because Allison does very well in math but struggles with reading and comprehension. Having her Big spend time reading with her has helped to grow their relationship as well as improve Allison’s reading skills.

Every child in the United Way supported Site-Based Program is showing improvement with their reading proficiency, math or financial skills. Your support is making a difference and is preparing our youth. They are developing their pathway to success and stability.

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