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“Being united to make positive changes in our community.”  That’s what LIVE UNITED means to board member and Women’s Leadership Council Chair Melissa Callison.

Melissa Callison

Melissa is the Director of Legal Administration & Tech Support for Consumers Energy. She has been active with the Consumers’ United Way campaign for several years; in fact, Consumers has recognized Melissa for her success in organizing events and running campaigns. In 2010, Melissa was part of a group of professional women who wanted to take action and address critical issues in our community. The Women’s Leadership Council was formed with a mission of wanting women and children to succeed. Melissa has been the WLC board chair since its inception. Because of her role with WLC, she was invited to be a member of the UWJC Board of Directors where she currently serves as Vice Chair. Melissa feels it’s important to volunteer and give back to Jackson County. She says her time and the efforts of others combine to create IMPACT.

“It is a community effort. My time, in and of itself, is minimal, but when combined with the efforts of friends and co-workers, it’s a collaborative force for change. The same can be said for our contributions to the UW campaign – and the agency’s due diligence in managing campaign funds is above reproach.”

In March, United Way of Jackson County announced a greater focus on poverty and financial stability. Melissa is “all in” with the new mission.

“Poverty (or the lack of financial stability) is at the root of many of the symptoms in our community. If we can help our community work its way out of poverty, we can nurture sustainable change for Jackson.”

Melissa emphasizes that working together is to making real lasting change in Jackson.

“I think that it is important for those that have the time or resources to give to the community to invest them with UWJC, knowing that it will be time and/or resources allocated where they are needed the most. You never know when it could be you or your loved ones that are those in need and it’s comforting to know that the UWJC is there to help.”

Thank you Melissa for everything you do.  You are making a difference in Jackson County.

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