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Domestic Violence Survivors Are Finding Their Pathway To Stability

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UNITED WE WIN when we work together for safe housing, counseling and financial stability for survivors of domestic violence.

United Way of Jackson County supports residential and non-residential services at the AWARE Shelter in Jackson. This program provides counseling for women and children dealing with this type of trauma, legal assistance and safe housing so they can be protected.  Your support empowers them toward a life of stability and success with job financial training and housing assistance. Each year hundreds of women and their children seek sanctuary at the AWARE Shelter. Amy’s story is just one of many that shows how your support impacted her life.

She came to the AWARE Shelter from Alabama. She escaped a horrific situation. Her children were safe in another state with family and she was safe in Jackson. She didn’t know anyone in our community. She was scared and alone. She literally had nothing except the clothes and her back. Amy felt discouraged. She stayed at the shelter for over three months. In that time she found a church and made new friends. She was provided counseling to learn how to cope with her past. Amy received clothes that were appropriate for job interviews and training to help her gain employment. She got two part-time jobs and she worked hard. She received housing assistance through the Community Action Agency. Amy was provided with legal assistance to regain custody of her children. Now Amy has an apartment and a life of stability here in Jackson, she now calls our community her home.

Your support through United Way of Jackson County provided Amy with temporary shelter, advocacy, financial assistance and counseling. In the past six months, 126 women and their children received similar assistance.

UNITED WE WIN by empowering women, who have survived domestic violence and sexual abuse, to follow their pathway to financial stability and success.

IMPACT like this is not possible without your support.

To live better, we must LIVE UNITED.

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