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“We’re all in this together and need to stand beside each other to build a better community.”

Keri Wood from Eaton Aerospace and United Way Volunteer.

Keri Wood Profile

Keri Wood is one of the newest member of our Campaign Cabinet. She has been volunteering her time to provide direction and leadership for our fundraising efforts for just over a year. Keri says it’s important to give back to our community.

“Each person is blessed in different ways with different skill sets and life circumstances, I believe it’s important to pass on those blessings to empower our community.”

Keri believes that by giving of your time, your resources or both, you are making an impact.

“Anything you give, whether time or money, ripples through the community and will make an impact greater than the gift.”

Keri is the HR Manager at Eaton Corporation, Aerospace Division, in Jackson. The Eaton Aerospace campaign was relaunched in 2015 and their campaign showed outstanding improvement. As a result, in 2016 they were recognized by United Way of Jackson County with the Rising Impact Award.

When Keri is not working or volunteering, she enjoys spending time with her husband, their dogs, being active and traveling.

Thank you, Keri Wood, for your dedication, leadership and for making Jackson County a better place.

Donate / Volunteer and make Jackson a better place.

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