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The AWARE Shelter Provides Sanctuary & Counseling for Survivors of Domestic Violence

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Jackson’s AWARE shelter helps survivors of domestic violence heal and move forward with their lives.  AWARE offers free assistance, counseling, and support.  The AWARE shelter empowers women to live a violence free life.

Through counseling, women and children learn domestic violence is not their fault.  Women attending counseling understand they have access to treatment to address mental health concerns now or in the future.  Children attending counseling at the AWARE shelter discuss different aspects of health, including physical and emotional.  The AWARE shelter helps their clients move forward in life.  Here is just one example of the many successes from the AWARE shelter.

    A client came to the shelter after being abused by her boyfriend and his parents.  She was also dealing with the threats of them taking her young child away from her.  She came into the shelter and immediately empowered herself.  She had a steady job and was very attentive towards her daughter.  While she was here at the shelter she participated in a number of AWARE activities and outings with her children, as well as receiving continued counseling services and attending  AWARE’S parent groups.  She was dedicated and you could see that she wanted more for her family.  While at the shelter she received housing through our transitional housing program.  She also went through the court system where she was supported by our Legal Advocates, and received a signed order from the Judge for parenting time between her child and the father.  She was really excited about that.  Now she is back on her feet with a feeling of security and stability.

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