United Way

CARE Application Fair

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December 12, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
United Way of Jackson County
536 N Jackson St
Jackson, MI 49201

Please look below the flyer for eligibility guidelines and a list of items you will need to bring with you to the fair.

Do you meet the CARE Eligibility Guidelines?
If you do then please come to the fair on Monday and bring all the documents that pertain to you listed here. Call 1-844-220-6098 if you have any questions.

Past 30 days of income for all members in your household over the age of 18, unless it is a Social Security Benefit then all ages are required.

If you are paid weekly, provide the most recent 5 paystubs.
If you are paid Bi-weekly or Twice a month, provide the most recent 3 paystubs.

Copy of the account holders ID and Social Security Card.
Social Security number and Birth date for all members of the household filled in on the application.
What to bring if you have no income or are self-employed.

If you have no income at all (See section 8 of the application) please provide a statement with how you plan to pay your bill moving forward. i.e. Your family will pay your bill, you will start getting unemployment soon, you babysit on occasion etc.
If you are Self-employed (Section 9 of the application) please provide a bank statement, receipts, letters of work and a 1040/Schedule C along with your application
If you are a stylist and do not have receipts please send copies of your appointment book pages showing what was made for each day and a bank statement along with a 1040/Schedule C

If the name on your ID and/or SS Card do not match your account name, send a copy of your Marriage License to show proof of name change and call Consumers and correct your name on the account. 
If you do not have a SS Card, you MUST apply for one and send the receipt that you applied for one along with your application.
If you do not have a SS Card, but have a Medicare/Medicaid card that has your name and FULL Social Security Number on it we can also use that.
For SSI/SSA/SSD/SSB you need to send 2016 award letter showing full name, case number, amount and date in which you are paid.
If you have medical PREMUIMS that you pay for Medical, Vision or Dental provide proof as we can use this as a deduction for you.
If you pay child support, union dues, or uniform fees provide proof if it is not on your paystub as we can use this as a deduction for you.