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Family Service & Children’s Aid – Jackson County Guardian Services

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Jackson County Guardian Services program provides Guardian and Conservator services to enrich the lives of incapacitated adults who are unable to protect their own interest and who are vulnerable to exploitation, neglect or injury.  These individuals have had a Guardian and/or Conservator appointed by the Court to undertake the legal responsibility of making major life decisions and advocating for them by making care, custody, medical treatment and financial decisions.  The Guardian/Conservator helps develop a community based service plan for achieving and/or maintaining optimum social, psychological and physical functioning.  This is achieved through providing assessments, service planning and coordination, making arrangements for the provision of services, and monitoring the progress of person served and the services they are receiving.

While providing over 400 adult wards of the County and other vulnerable individuals with court appointed Guardian and/or Conservator services, Family Service and Children’s Aid relied on collaborative and cooperative efforts with the Jackson County Probate Court, Allegiance Health Systems, Lifeways, United Way, Attorneys, Department of Human Services, DisAbility Connections, County Administration, Social Security, agencies on aging, law enforcement, nursing homes, Jackson County Medical Care Facility and others.  The Guardian/Conservator interacts with all of these entities to assure that clients receive needed care resources; most of these clients are unable to access these services independently and their most basic needs would go unmet.


Ruth’s story is just one example of what your donations accomplish.  Ruth is a senior lady with medical issues, was basically living on the streets and in the hospital ER.  Because of her behaviors in the community, she ended up in the Court System and as a result was assigned to the Mental Health Court.  Through this situation, an evaluation was completed and it was determined that Ruth had Dementia and thus a petition for Guardian and Conservatorship was filed.  After determining no viable family member was able to perform in the role, Jackson County Guardian Services was appointed Guardian and Conservator. As the Conservator, we were able to locate her monthly income and it became apparent that her family had used the income for themselves at the beginning of each month.   They would come find her and she would give them money because she did not understand what she was doing. Thus Ruth would not have any funds left for the balance of each month and she found herself on the streets, confused and in danger.   As Guardian we were able to make a safe and suitable placement for Ruth in an adult foster care home, and get medical attention for her.  Ruth is now enjoying the comforts of proper care and treatment.  Most of all, she loves her new clothes and wig.