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Financial Stability For Everyone, Including The Elderly

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Who cares for our elderly citizens when they are alone and not able to care for themselves?

Your support allows United Way of Jackson County to help fund a home for elderly women in our community, providing a life of stability and comfort. There are 48 elderly women currently residing at the Jackson Friendly Home. Elizabeth is among those who call it their home.

Elizabeth spent most of her life caring for others. For decades she was a foster parent to dozens of children in need. Have a conversation with Elizabeth sometime and listen to story after story of all the children to whom she opened her home and her heart. She fondly reminisces about the years she spent providing support, care, love and stability to so many children in Jackson. Without Elizabeth, these children would have had nowhere to go.

Elizabeth was losing her strength as the years progressed. She recognized that she wasn’t able to care for others. Without family nearby, and as her health deteriorated, Elizabeth became isolated and unable to care for herself. After decades of devoting her life to the care of others, the Jackson Friendly Home embraced the opportunity to care for Elizabeth. They were able to intervene and provide the necessary services Elizabeth needed to live the rest of her life surrounded by support, care and love. Elizabeth now has a life of stability.

Women of the Jackson Friendly Home are referred by their doctor or are placed there by family members. However, in many cases, these women were found to be living a life of abuse, neglect or homelessness. Your support ensures that every woman at the Jackson Friendly home has their basic needs met including housing, medical, nutritional, emotional and physical. The Jackson Friendly Home is more than just a home, it is a sanctuary for Jackson’s most delicate citizens.

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Help Elizabeth and others like her.

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