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Creating Stability and Self-Sufficiency in Jackson County

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UNITED WE WIN by empowering low and moderate income households to develop their pathway to self-sufficiency. United Way of Jackson County fights for the financial stability for every person in our community by bringing together every dollar, every partner, and every resource we can to improve lives in our community. Our partnership with the Community Action Agency is one example of our collaborative efforts that is impacting our community in a real and positive way. United Way of Jackson County is proud to support CAA’s Financial Empowerment Program which helps participants develop a better understanding of their financial situation. They identify barriers and opportunities resulting in action plans they create to build their own resources and come to decision-making needed to move into self-sufficiency. The Getting Ahead Workshop is a part of the Financial Empowerment Program. This workshop provides vital information that helps participants begin to get a handle on their own finances and start to build their own pathway to economic stability. Trinity reluctantly started with the workshop before enrolling in the program.

It was the only life she had known. She grew up surrounded by violence and drugs. It’s no surprise that as a young adult Trinity was involved with a gang and abusing drugs. She must have had a nagging voice somewhere in her heard that kept saying her life could be better. She signed up for the Getting Ahead Workshop. She attended and complained most of the time. Her attitude was poor and she acted like she didn’t want to be there, but she keep coming back.

Slowly her attitude changed and she started to engage with the workshop. After graduation, she signed up for the Financial Stability Classes. She learned how to set goals and develop a plan. She acquired the knowledge she needed to become independent and financially stable. She worked hard to improve her life. Today Trinity is out of the gang and she has a great job. Overall, her life is moving forward in a positive direction, Trinity is doing well and has developed her pathway to financial stability and success.

Hundreds of individuals participate this UWJC supported program each year. Over 80% successfully complete it, developing the tools they need to be self-sufficient and financially stable. Your support is improving and changing lives in Jackson County.

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