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Finding Stability Through Central Michigan 2-1-1

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UNITED WE WIN by helping families and individuals who are struggling find their own path to stability. Each year, thousands who are in need are connected to a variety of health and human services through Central Michigan 2-1-1 in Jackson County. Jeff’s story is one example of how your UWJC support is creating real IMPACT in our community.

Jeff’s fiancé passed away within the last year, and he was having a hard time coping and staying in the home that they shared. The home also had some structural issues making it unsafe for Jeff. Jeff’s family was becoming very worried about him but didn’t know how to help Jeff, and then they saw an ad to call 2-1-1 for community resources. They shared this information with Jeff and encouraged him to call. The next day, Jeff decided to make that call.

When the Information and Referral Specialist came on, Jeff explained everything that has happened in the last year. The Specialist listened carefully and gave Jeff the time he needed. After Jeff explained what he has been experiencing, the Specialist asked some clarification questions and started to search for resources to meet Jeff’s needs.

After some searching, the Specialist was able to find Jeff some housing resources that could help with his first month’s rent and deposit to get him into a safe environment. The Specialist told Jeff how to apply for the service and what documentation he needed. The Specialist also felt that Jeff could benefit from grief counseling and support groups. The Specialist asked Jeff if he would be open to bereavement referrals, and Jeff stated yes. Jeff is now is safe housing and has started going to a support group every week!

In December, 638 individuals were connected to housing, utility, food or other basic needs assistance through Central Michigan 2-1-1. This is a vital program in Jackson County, and your support makes a pathway to stability possible for those who are struggling in our community.

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