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Healthy People Stay Employed!


We believe that if people of have access to basic health care they have a better chance of staying healthy, and healthy people continue working. Because you give to United Way of Jackson County we can support Project Access. The Project Access program is a community partnership that coordinates health care services for those who cannot afford medical services and do not qualify for public health insurance programs. Over 500 people were able to stay healthy last year because of the services provided through Project Access. Among those that Project Access was able to help John, a local painter.

John owns and operates his own painting business. On weekends he picks up scrap metal, does a little construction work and other odd jobs to make ends meet. He makes enough to get by from week to week but that’s about it. John is a hard worker who has ongoing health issues that he manages, like high blood pressure and diabetes. Both require continuing medical care, monitoring and lab work. He applied for coverage when the Affordable Care Act was implemented but was denied because he did not meet all the Medicaid requirements. With the high cost of premiums and deductibles, purchasing coverage was not an option. Project Access has helped John stay healthy so he could keep working. He has been able to see a doctor on a regular basis and have routine lab work at Allegiance Health. John injured his knee early last winter while working one of those weekend jobs. He saw an Orthopedic Specialist and had Physical Therapy. Project Access made a quick recovery possible so he could get back to work.

John would not have been able to afford the health care he received had it not been for Project Access. He continues to look into health insurance through the government but is grateful to remain with Project Access until he’s able to afford insurance.

You can help others like John and you can help!

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