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We want kids who are facing adversity to reach their fullest potential. 


By supporting United Way of Jackson County we are able to fund site based mentoring through Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  Children who are struggling in school, dealing with difficult issues at home, at risk of falling behind are paired with caring adults.  Once a week for one hour bigs and littles get together to work on academics, play games and have lunch together.  They build a relationship and that child goes from being unnoticed and unchecked to learning, achieving and feeling important.  Like so many kids in Jackson County, Shania’s life was impacted in a positive way.

Shania was falling behind in her reading and math.  She was shy and not fully engaged in school.  This was in 2010. Shania was in second grade at McCulloch Academy. 

Rita was also quiet, but she was a hard-working IT Network Analyst from Consumers.  She made the commitment to be a mentor.  BBBS paired these two, and it didn’t take long for Rita and Shania to discover they shared some interests.  For example, they both liked playing board games.  Rita strategically picked certain games to help with Shania’s math, which helped improve her skills. Shania also caught Rita’s passion for reading. When they weren’t playing games, they were reading books, which helped Shania advance in her reading level.

Now Shania is a student at Parkside.  Rita is retired from Consumers and spends much of her time as a volunteer in some of Shania’s classrooms.  Rita still helps Shania with her school work, but now their relationship has grown beyond the one hour lunch they used to share.  They go to movies together and talk about important things like friends, boys and making good choices.

Rita and Shania have developed an enduring positive relationship.

Teachers report that kids in this program demonstrate improved reading proficiency.  Teachers also report these students develop positive attitudes in the classroom.  Your support IMPACTS a young person’s life and puts them on their own pathway towards success and stability.

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