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When families fall upon hard times, we need to help them get back on their pathway to financial stability and success.

Your gifts to United Way of Jackson County allows us to support the Basic Needs Program through the Salvation Army. You are helping to remove financial barriers that are keeping hard-working families from becoming or regaining their financial stability. This family of five is just one example of thousands throughout Jackson County IMPACTED by your support:

Gina came to the Salvation Army desperate for help. She and her husband lost their jobs just weeks apart. Now, just a few short months later, everything was piling up and Gina felt their life was falling apart. They were facing a mountain of problems including bills, home repairs, food, stress, how to provide for their children and much more. It all became too much to handle. They always had stable jobs, but now, with their savings drained, this family of five was facing challenges they never thought they would have to take on.

Through the Basic Needs Program they were able to get assistance for their energy bill and keep the lights on. Their children received clothes for school. The program was able to pool resources from the Jackson community to assist with home repairs. Gina and her husband were connected with Lifeways so they could deal with their anxiety and depression. Through the Basic Needs program this family was provided with enough food to last for several days.

For the first time in months, Gina and her family had some stability in their life. They had assistance and resources as they were able seek new employment and get back on their feet.

From June through December of last year, more than ,3500 families from across Jackson County received food assistance, and almost 3,000 families received utility assistance. Because of you, families have stability while they are looking for work and finding their pathway to stability and success.

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