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UNITED WE FIGHT for a life of stability for children in our community. Your generosity allows UWJC to support the Emergency Child Care Program through the Felician Children’s Center. The main focus of the program is to offer temporary, quality childcare on an emergency basis for parents who a dealing with a traumatic experience. The program allows them to maintain their work schedule or continue their education while providing this vital service until the crisis they are dealing with has been resolved. In some cases, the program is more of a benefit to the children enrolled. Such is the case for Susie, a very young girl with tremendous obstacles in her life.

Keeping Susie safe was a struggle. Her mother is an addict and is content to stay that way. She has a father who is never around and family far away, not willing to intervene. She is so young and facing so many obstacles. DHHS finally stepped in and removed Susie from the home and placed in temporary foster care. Soon after, she joined the Felician Children’s Center Montessori classroom. Susie was behind in almost every developmental aspect of her life. She was not ready for kindergarten or even able to interact with other children her age. Over next few months process to place Susie in a permanent situation continued. It was during this time that Susie began to flourish and her progress was remarkable. Her social-emotional skills, language, math, and self-help skills improved tremendously in this short period. The consistent and loving care from the teachers at this United Way supported program helped Susie overcome the massive obstacles in her life. Susie is now with her new loving and caring extended family. She will be ready for kindergarten and now has the opportunity at a life of success and stability.

UNITED WE WIN by ensuring every child enrolled receives quality care and families have the opportunity to maintain and achieve their financial stability and success.

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