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Helping Kids Stay Healthy Helps Families Remain Stable

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Last week we introduced you to V-CHAP, which stands for Virtual Children’s health Access Program.

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V-CHAP is an evidence-based model that improves the quality of health outcomes for children with Medicaid while reducing the cost for care. More than one in three households  in Jackson County are either in poverty or struggling to make ends meet. At some point during the year, many of those families have a child that will need medical care. That family must decide to purchase essentials for the week for their entire family or use their resources to provide health care for their child. Your United Way support allows Central Michigan 2-1-1 to connect struggling households with health care resources so young children can maintain proper health and avoid expensive medical treatment. When someone calls 2-1-1 in Jackson County, they are asked if they have children under the age of 18 living with them and whether these children have health insurance. If they have uninsured children who are eligible for Medicaid, they are then referred to a V-CHAP staff member who tries to identify the health care needs of the child and will assist the family in identifying healthcare resources.

Here is just one story of how V-CHAP is working in Jackson County and how your support is IMPACTING poverty in our community.

Lauren called 2-1-1 in Jackson County. She was very frustrated with filling out a Medicaid application online for her daughter’s health insurance.  She contacted 2-1-1 because she did not know where to turn for help.  Lauren was transferred to a V-CHAP staff who was able to calm her anxiety and frustration just by listening to her concerns.  Lauren was connected to a community navigator through MI Benefits Access, who assisted her with filling out a Medicaid application.  Along with the referral to a community navigator, Lauren was educated on the application process for Medicaid and the importance of having health insurance for her child.  Also, she received information about the different Medicaid Health Plans available to her and the services they provide.  A list of primary care physicians was offered to her once her Medicaid was approved. Lauren was so happy and grateful, she called back with tears, stating V-CHAP services were a great help to her and her family.   This was one of many proud moments of working for V-CHAP and Central Michigan 2-1-1. 
Your investment in our community ensures children have access to health care. That means struggling families can use their resources for day to day essentials and can remain on their pathway to stability and success.

INVEST in Jackson County. Help other like Lauren

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