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Helping Senior Men Who Cannot Help Themselves

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We LIVE UNITED by ensuring our most vulnerable elderly citizens have housing and access to basic needs supports.

Your support provides food, clothing, housekeeping, medication administration, financial management, community collaboration, medical and mental health coordination, and a home for older gentlemen. Through your support, United Way of Jackson County provides funds to the John George Home which provides a life of stability for these men. Forty-three men currently call the John George Home their home, but many are on a waiting list to move in. Dave is on that list.

 For nearly a year, Dave has been waiting to move into the John George Home. Right now Dave is living in a home just outside of Jackson. They don’t provide for his medical needs or supportive services. He’s not cared for the way he should be and he doesn’t feel safe. Staff from the John George Home have been in regular contact with Dave while he waits. They exchange letters almost every week, sharing helpful stories about how his life will improve when he returns to Jackson. Dave shares with the staff about how it makes him feel good knowing that he will have a place to live that supports his overall well-being. He looks forward to the day when he can call the John George Home his home. Dave has lived in Jackson his whole life and cannot wait to come home.

The John George Home has a 100% success rate. Every person living there receives supportive housing, basic medical care, nutrition and their basic emotional and physical needs met. These are individuals who don’t have the resources or family support to assist them. If not for your support, most of these men would be living in a situation that wouldn’t fulfill their needs and might leave them homeless. Your gift gives hope to Dave and many others.

UNITED WE WIN by providing for those who cannot provide for themselves.

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