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Helping Struggling Families Keep The Lights On

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We believe helping struggling families with basic needs will lead them to their pathway of financial stability and success.


Consumers Energy has partnered with United Way of Jackson County on the Consumers Affordable Resource for Energy (CARE) Program. Qualified enrollees in the CARE program pay a portion of their bill, Consumers Energy pays the other portion and enrollees have the opportunity to receive energy saving services from consumers. This program keeps the lights on for families who are having difficulty making the ends meet and it allows them to use their limited resources on other areas of their budget such as food and transportation. The Johnson family is just one example of the impact that is being made. The CARE Program recently received this letter from them after completing their first year.

My family and I waited 3 months before anyone would give us help with Consumers. My job had outsourced me and I had to get a part time 36 hour job just to keep my insurance. My Consumers was turned off cause I couldn’t keep up with it and the rent, or car. Things just got harder with the loss of my brother and no other family to help us. Despite all of this I kept praying, going to church. You all answered by prayers, not knowing what (I) my family was going through. I can never express how grateful I am to the CARE Program and all the wonderful people that answered my countless calls.

Thank you

Forever Grateful

The Johnson Family

By supporting United Way of Jackson County you make it possible for families like the Johnsons to be on their pathway to success and stability.

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