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Helping Struggling Families Prevail

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Families receive the assistance they need to get back on their feet.

Salvation Army Basic Needs Program...Another of our outstanding success stories.

Salvation Army Basic Needs Program…Another of our outstanding success stories.

Those who have fallen on hard times, for any number of reasons, are able to get a hand up.  Low and moderate income residents have access to food, energy and housing assistance through the Salvation Army’s Basic Needs Program.  Within only a six month span 1,150 area residents were able to keep their lights on, nearly 4,000 people received enough food each to last five days and 15 families were able to stay in their homes and avoid eviction.  Instead of these families worrying about where their next meal is coming from or being concerned about losing their home, they were able to put food on the table for their children and get a good night’s sleep so they could continue to be productive at work. 

The Basic needs program keeps struggling families and individuals from falling apart.  This true story of an older Jackson resident is just one example from the thousands who have received assistance from the Basic Needs Program.

          A senior citizen came to The Salvation Army seeking energy assistance. We were able to assist with the bill and provide referrals and additional services. During the interview the client disclosed that she is living on a very tight budget. She expressed how her financial and personal stressors including the recent passing of close relatives were overwhelming and that she often did not know what to do or where to turn for help. She expressed that she had been experiencing depression and having thoughts of making a plan to end her life. We contacted LifeWays and made a contract with her regarding going there directly after her appointment with us, which she did. We referred her to Region II Area Agency on Aging to see if she would be able to have Medicare premiums waived to stretch her limited Social Security income. We also enrolled the client in the CARE program to provide a discount on her monthly energy bill and gave her food from our food pantry to free up more of her own funds for other obligations. The services and referrals we were able to provide seemed to brighten what was a very difficult time for this person. They helped open the door for her to experience hope that a brighter future is possible.

The program also offers assistance for prescriptions, funeral, transportation, home repair and other emergency needs on a limited basis.

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