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IMPACT! A Stable Home Changes a Life

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Financial stability means stability in every element of a person’s life. United Way of Jackson County’s partnership with the Jackson Housing Commission and its Support Services transformed a local life in an amazing way. Here’s the story:

“Michael” set his mind to buying a fixer-upper home so he and his family wouldn’t have to keep staying with relatives. His ambition dovetailed with his internship with JHC to learn maintenance skills and structured employment readiness. Michael succeeded immensely—so well, in fact, that after graduation he got a job offer from JHC. He’s also applied his learnings to setting an example for his five children, whom he parents solo. What’s more, he’s making progress toward purchasing his fixer-upper, with the hope of buying other homes to repair and sell in the future. And his children are getting the value of a stable home life. “Never be afraid to be great” is Michael’s personal mantra and the one he impresses on his children.

Our commitment to partnering with agencies like JHC and changing lives like Michael’s is the heart of our mission. United Way understands that building financially stable families is a complex challenge with many facets—and many opportunities for everyone to come together to make a difference. We appreciate everyone in Jackson County who shares that commitment with us.