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IMPACT! Action Changes a Teen’s Life

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Teenage years should be full of fun, learning and growth as they prepare for adulthood. Sadly, for many it can be a time of crisis—and that can set them up for lifelong challenges. We partner with Do’chas in support of their crisis intervention strategies to help teens thrive. One particular program, Teens In Action, has had a powerful, positive effect on self-esteem:

A teenage girl in the Teens In Action (TIA) program became more confident, more outgoing, and more willing to speak up. So profound was her change that her school and family noticed. The girl said she believes TIA has helped her develop skills that she was lacking, skills she needs as she prepares to live independently. The Do’chas staff also witnessed this change and has seen the confidence she has gained. She has more direction and is working toward achieving her goals.

The power of investing in United Way is expressed in every life transformed, every person who begins their pathway to lifelong financial stability and success. We’re all part of this crucial work—and we depend on partners like Do’chas and supporters like you to make it happen!