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IMPACT! Bringing Tax Dollars Home

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Imagine the impact on local families and the local economy when every resident gets the tax refund they deserve! Yet “doing your taxes” is stressful, confusing and time-intensive. For families struggling financially, that’s an added burden. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Community Action Agency to support Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. VITA deploys volunteer tax preparers to help people file accurate returns while getting the credits they qualify for. For example, nationally the average Earned Income Tax Credit refund exceeds $2,400. Multiply that across a community, and the impact for families and the economy is huge! Beyond that, there’s a powerful element of comfort that VITA volunteers bring to their clients:

CAA had an elderly client whose wife passed away earlier in the year. She had taken care of the household finances, so her surviving spouse didn’t know how to prepare the tax returns. CAA’s Volunteer Greeter took the time to help him sort through a sack of receipts and documents. After four hours, his tax returns were completed—and most importantly, he felt immense relief.

VITA accomplishes four important things: 1) Saves families the cost of tax preparation, 2) Ensures families get every credit they deserve, including Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Care Credit, 3) Makes certain that returns are accurate, and 4) Connects clients with other support services they may need. We’re grateful to VITA volunteers and their tireless work to help families and our community!