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IMPACT! Building the Pathways Early

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The first steps on the pathway to financial stability begin in childhood. That’s where people can build a foundation for their entire life by learning well and succeeding in school. But sometimes tough circumstances can unsettle a young student. That’s why United Way invests in the Student Advocacy Center to help families and children deal with emotional needs and trauma so kids can stay in school and learn. Here’s a story of one student.

Over three months, a 4th grader refused to attend school. Through the Student Advocacy Center’s Bridges to School program, the mother took part in the Nurturing Parenting curriculum. SAC also helped identify other barriers to attendance, leading the child to start attending therapy sessions. The child now goes to school regularly, with joy and enthusiasm.

Our partnership with the Student Advocacy Center provides at-risk families with a comprehensive needs assessment, family intervention, parenting education, advocacy and tools to help kids attend school. We’re proud to be part of this collaborative effort to strengthen families and set kids on a pathway to success.