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IMPACT! Caring for Our Children

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Nothing is more precious than our children. They’re the future of our community and of our world. They also require compassionate, stable care—and that often presents problems for working (or ALICE) families. When a child is sick or out of school due to vacation, for instance, the cost of emergency child care may go beyond a working parent’s ability to afford. That might cost the parent wages or even their job. Fortunately, our partnership with Felician Children’s Center helps fill that gap. Here’s how:

When summer break left working families without child care options, the Felician Children’s Center was able to step in to care for 10 children between the ages of 6-12. Referrals came from the Department of health & Human Services, Catholic Charities and Samaritas. The children needed care from five to 90 days during the summer. Care came with powerful programming that encouraged music, art, literature and STEM through daily activities and special events. Children were given the opportunity to grow and have a safe and stable environment—and their parents were able to work to provide for their families.

United Way of Jackson County looks at many facets of economic instability, including quality child care and the impact it has on today’s families and tomorrow’s adults. We’re grateful for partners like Felician Children’s Center who share in that work with us.