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IMPACT! Feeding The Hungry Gives Hope

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Helping people develop a pathway to financial stability sometimes means getting them through a time of crisis. Perhaps no crisis is greater than feeding hungry children. United Way partners with the Salvation Army to provide food, energy, and housing assistance for low-to-moderate-income residents. Here’s an example of that impact:

A single parent called the Salvation Army office just after closing time, in desperate need of food for her family. She had been traveling from pantry to pantry across Jackson County only to be met with closed doors. The call suddenly dropped, and Salvation Army staff struggled to reconnect. Then came a knock on the door; it was the single mom, together with her two young children. “My children and I are hungry. Can you help us?” Staff members quickly prepared a food box and loaded it into the family van. The children looked on in awe, with wide eyes and big smiles. The youngest kept saying, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” The family was grateful for this crucial help in a time of great need.

In a single year, our partnership with the Salvation Army helped more than 8,000 Jackson County families receive five days’ worth of food, and nearly 3,000 families keep the heat and lights on. That’s how partnership and support for United Way helps people through tough times so they can rebuild their lives.