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IMPACT! Finding Hope Beyond Addiction

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Achieving a financially stable life isn’t just about money. Many people face barriers that keep them from believing in a hopeful future. Domestic violence and addiction are two such barriers. Our partnership with AWARE Inc. does more than provide shelter for victims of violence; it also puts people who are struggling with substance abuse on the road to a better life. Here’s one example:

A survivor of domestic violence in emergency shelter with AWARE, Inc. needed help with her addiction. AWARE connected her with Training and Treatment Innovations, a program that uses clinical best practices to inspire healthy living, empowerment and recovery while promoting personal goals and independence. The survivor began the recovery process, secured permanent supportive housing, and is making great progress to improve her life for the long term.

AWARE connected with TTI through housing meetings hosted by Community Action Agency. It’s a great example of how partnership is key to improving lives and helping people find financial stability. Making those connections is the unique strength of your United Way. Thanks for supporting our efforts!