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IMPACT! How Compassion Makes a Difference

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Sometimes it takes just a little empathy for another person to make a profound and powerful difference. Among the champions of compassion in Jackson County are Trusted Advisors, part of the Great Start Collaborative led by Jackson County Intermediate School District with support from United Way. Here’s one example of how a little effort and compassion by Trusted Advisors made a difference:

A hearing-impaired mom and her daughter were homeless and staying in a local shelter when they encountered a Trusted Advisor. The mom was reluctant to share her needs and personal information; what’s more, due to her hearing problem, communication was difficult. By continually engaging with them, the Trusted Advisor began building a strong relationship. The daughter also became involved in helping with communication. Over time, the mom was able to work with the Trusted Advisor to get vital records including birth certificates and social security cards. Eventually the mom and daughter got help with housing. More importantly, they found renewed faith in the programs and people striving to help them. The daughter also developed skills and confidence to help her mother and herself in the future.

We’re proud to be part of a compassionate community that helps individuals and families rebuild their lives—because when one person wins, we all win! That’s why we need you to be part of our work. Thank you for showing the world what it means to LIVE UNITED!