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IMPACT! Long-term Mentoring Changes Lives

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None of us is born with all the knowledge and experience we need to succeed in life. At some point along the way, others teach and mentor us. Knowing this, United Way invests in site-based mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Jackson County, bringing Bigs right to the classroom, library, community center or other site to coach and inspire their Littles. See how that commitment changes young lives:

Two high school seniors who graduated from Jackson County schools in 2019 had been mentored by their Bigs for more than five years each. That long-term commitment made a powerful difference for them. Their Bigs taught them financial skills, life skills, helped them with homework, and showed these students that someone cared. As a result, both seniors got a solid, positive start on the rest of their lives.

Our focus on helping people achieve financial stability begins by helping young people become equipped to succeed for a lifetime. We do that by working with partners like BBBS to give youths that solid start. By supporting United Way, we can strengthen these and other programs to benefit Jackson County.