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IMPACT! Moving from Trauma to Educational Success

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Trauma has a direct impact on a student’s ability to learn and succeed in school. They’re distracted in class, unable to study or do well on a test, and can have lower IQ scores and reading ability. In fact, some victims avoid school altogether. That’s where United Way funded programming through Family Service & Children’s Aid is helping young people who face difficulties due to trauma outside the classroom find a path to school success, which equips them to succeed for a lifetime. Here’s an example:

“Joseph,” an 18-year-old high schooler with an infant son, needed intensive counseling to deal with trauma and pressures related to family issues and child care. Tragically, Joseph didn’t have medical insurance to cover the cost of therapy. The stresses prompted him to skip school frequently, putting him at risk of dropping off and failing to graduate. Family Service & Children’s Aid connected Joseph to therapy through the Jackson County Clinical Counseling Voucher Program. His therapist helped him work through the issues plaguing him, as well as connected him with resources through the Department of Health & Human Services. As a result, Joseph’s attendance improved, he learned to advocate effectively for himself and his son, and he strengthened his connection and performance in school.

United Way of Jackson County partners with FSCA and other agencies across our community to change lives. Your partnership—as a donor, as an advocate, as a volunteer—makes it possible to transform lives.