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Helping the People of Jackson Help Themselves.

Cindy is a single mother of a 15 year-old daughter name Julie. Julie began experiencing depression and mood swings, affecting her school performance. Cindy didn’t know where to turn to for help. She called the school social worker, and the social worker suggested calling 2-1-1. Cindy hadn’t heard of 2-1-1 and didn’t know what to expect. When she called, she shared what was going on with her and her daughter. The Information & Referral Specialist listened to Cindy, asked clarifying questions to ensure the Specialist had a full understanding of the issue at hand. After learning basic information, including what type of insurance Julie had, the Specialist identified Community Mental Health would be an appropriate resource for Julie. The Information & Referral Specialist explained the details of the service and how to obtain services from the agency. Our Information & Referral Specialist offered to follow-up with Cindy a couple of days later to see if they were able to receive services. A few days later the Specialist called Cindy to see if Julie was able to receive services. Cindy stated that Julie had completed an assessment and planned to start counseling the following week! Cindy was very happy Central Michigan 2-1-1 explained the process of contacting the service, which made it less intimidating to find out how to get her daughter the help she needed!

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