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IMPACT! Tackling Trauma

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Research shows that trauma has lifelong effects. Even trauma experienced by a young child can influence that person well into adulthood. United Way knows that helping people deal with trauma is a crucial part of building a pathway to financial stability. That’s why we partner with Catholic Charities of Jackson, Lenawee & Hillsdale Counties on the Jackson County Clinical Counseling Voucher Program—getting victims of trauma the help they need. Here’s an example:

“Sophia” suffered considerable abuse and trauma as a child. Now in her 20s, she was unemployed and struggled with symptoms of PTSD—panic attacks, extreme anxiety, social awkwardness and more. Through trauma-informed care, Sophia learned to eliminate the misplaced shame she felt while also learning to manage her PTSD symptoms. Unable to work at one time, she’s now employed and recently got a promotion. What’s more, she’s able to help her family members financially while saving for her own home.

One life helped is now positively impacting the lives of others. That’s what investments do—they grow to create a bigger impact. We’re proud to celebrate successes like this one with great partners like Catholic Charities and others in Jackson County.