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  • MENTORED YOUTH DEVELOP A BETTER SENSE OF THEIR OWN FUTURE MENTORED YOUTH DEVELOP A BETTER SENSE OF THEIR OWN FUTUREChildren Who Are Paired with Caring Adults Are Likely to Grow Up and Be Successful Caring Adults Themselves. We believe mentally and physically healthy kids will grow up to be mentally and physically healthy adults who are able to get a job, keep a job and contribute to our community.  When you support United Way of Jackson County, we are able to fund mentoring programs that pair at-risk youth with caring adults.  Children emulate what they see.  When they are with a grown-up with similar likes and interests, they are likely to develop the mentors’ positive habits.  Big Brothers, Big ... Read more
  • WE WANT JACKSON TO HAVE STRONG AND FINANCIALLY STABLE FAMILIES WE WANT JACKSON TO HAVE STRONG AND FINANCIALLY STABLE FAMILIESRhonda Learned How To Be Financially Stable We believe that enhancing the financial skills of those with low to moderate incomes will benefit all of Jackson County.  When you support United Way of Jackson County we are able to fund financial stability workshops at the Community Action Agency.  Through these workshops people who are struggling to make ends meet learn how to be organized, how to reduce debt and how to create and follow a spending plan.  You are helping people to learn how to help themselves, like Rhonda, a single mother of three who needed financial guidance and direction. Rhonda has ... Read more
  • HEALTHY PEOPLE KEEP THEIR JOB AND STAY WORKING HEALTHY PEOPLE KEEP THEIR JOB AND STAY WORKINGHealthy People Stay Employed! We believe that if people of have access to basic health care they have a better chance of staying healthy, and healthy people continue working. Because you give to United Way of Jackson County we can support Project Access. The Project Access program is a community partnership that coordinates health care services for those who cannot afford medical services and do not qualify for public health insurance programs. Over 500 people were able to stay healthy last year because of the services provided through Project Access. Among those that Project Access was able to help John, a ... Read more
  • PROVIDING LEGAL SERVICES TO ENSURE SAFETY, HOUSING AND BASIC NEEDS ARE MET FOR THE WORKING POOR PROVIDING LEGAL SERVICES TO ENSURE SAFETY, HOUSING AND BASIC NEEDS ARE MET FOR THE WORKING POORSupporting Legal Services Programs That Prevent Homelessness, Domestic Violence and Fill Basic Needs. We believe when families and individuals with low income have access to legal advice and services they will be positively impacted in the areas of basic needs, housing and safety.  Because of you, we can support this type of program through Legal Services of South Central Michigan.  Last year legal assistance was provided to nearly 1300 clients with ninety-percent having successful outcomes.  Rosa’s story is just one example that shows the positive IMPACT being made every day in our community.  (Names have been changed to protect those involved ... Read more
  • HELPING KIDS LEARN AND GROW HELPING KIDS LEARN AND GROWA Strong Jackson Starts With Our Youth We believe in providing “at risk” youth with a safe and nurturing after school environment to prepare them for success in school, which will in turn prepare them for success in life. United Way of Jackson County supports the After School Program at the Lily Missions Center. Mentors help students with homework and focus on areas where students need to improve. The program has positively impacted over 500 youth last year. Ninety-one (91) percent of 4th graders in the program increased their reading level each semester and eighty (80) percent showed increases in math ... Read more
  • KEEPING KIDS HEALTHY, ENSURING THEIR FUTURE KEEPING KIDS HEALTHY, ENSURING THEIR FUTUREEmpowering Our Youth To Stay On The Right Path Healthy kids stay in school and learn.  We believe children who complete their education will grow up to be young adults who will contribute to our society.  By supporting United Way of Jackson County you are helping teach children how to stay healthy through the Breakout Drug Education Program.  Last year 1440 students were reached through the program.  89% of those students committed to being drug free.  The following testimonial comes from one of the students involved with the program. “In simplest terms, a leader is one who knows where he wants to ... Read more
  • SCHOLARSHIPS THAT IMPROVE FAMILY’S FINANCIAL FUTURE SCHOLARSHIPS THAT IMPROVE FAMILY'S FINANCIAL FUTUREKids Get Great Early Education, Parents Can Keep Their Job. Everyone Wins! We believe that children who have access to quality early education will succeed in school, and by helping struggling families afford child care we will improve their financial future.  We provide financial assistance to the FIRST Family Support Program through the Child Care Network.  When you give to United Way of Jackson County you are ensuring that kids will succeed in school and their parents can keep their job or continue with their higher education.  Here is just one example of the impact that is made in Jackson ... Read more
  • JACKSON CALL CENTER’S ROLE IN FLINT Central Michigan 2-1-1, Playing A Major Role in the Flint Water Crisis.  The call center is located here in Jackson and it services nine counties, including Genesee.  For several months Central Michigan 2-1-1 has been assisting Flint residents in many ways including helping to schedule water deliveries, directing people to lead testing sites, providing info to residents on how to test water themselves and rumor control (the list goes on and on).  Within the past month alone Central Michigan 2-1-1 has handled thousands of calls from Flint residents and they are finding resolutions for issues many us will never have to ... Read more
  • CHANGING THE LIFE OF YOUNG GIRLS IN JACKSON CHANGING THE LIFE OF YOUNG GIRLS IN JACKSONAt-Risk Girls Are Becoming More Confident We believe young girls who develop positive attitudes and grow up with strong self-esteem have a better chance of succeeding in school.  By supporting the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Outreach Program, we can provide opportunities to young girls that will help them become strong confident women.  The Outreach Program provides access to Girl Scout activities for disadvantaged or at-risk girls who may otherwise fall through the cracks.  Hailey is just one girl of many who is growing and becoming more confident because of her access to Girl Scout events in Jackson. As a special reward, ... Read more
  • $4.5 MILLION COMES BACK TO JACKSON $4.5 MILLION COMES BACK TO JACKSONMaking An IMPACT, One Tax Return At A Time. We want struggling families to succeed.  By supporting the United Way of Jackson County you make it possible for low income families to have their taxes filed properly and accurately.  During the 2015 tax season the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program was responsible for bringing over $4.5 million back to Jackson County.  Money that was spent locally and was used to help those in need.  Cindy was just one the thousands whose life was impacted through the VITA program. In the process of preparing this year’s tax return, Cindy explained to the VITA ... Read more