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  • DEDICATED TO IMPROVING JACKSON DEDICATED TO IMPROVING JACKSON“Being united to make positive changes in our community.”  That’s what LIVE UNITED means to board member and Women’s Leadership Council Chair Melissa Callison. Melissa is the Director of Legal Administration & Tech Support for Consumers Energy. She has been active with the Consumers’ United Way campaign for several years; in fact, Consumers has recognized Melissa for her success in organizing events and running campaigns. In 2010, Melissa was part of a group of professional women who wanted to take action and address critical issues in our community. The Women’s Leadership Council was formed with a mission of wanting women and children to succeed. Melissa ... Read more
  • GIVING TROUBLED TEENS DIRECTION GIVING TROUBLED TEENS DIRECTIONWe believe that by providing guidance to children who are in trouble will help keep them in school and improve relationships in their home.  Because of your support we are able to fund the Juvenile Diversion and Truancy Prevention Program operated by Family Services & Children’s Aid.  The program develops a plan unique to each at-risk youth.  These plans help kids deal with their emotions, relationships at home, obstacles that prevent them from succeeding in school and the list goes on and on.  Hundreds of kids go through the program each year, James is just one of their many success ... Read more
  • REDUCING THE NUMBER OF TEEN MOMS IN OUR COMMUNITY REDUCING THE NUMBER OF TEEN MOMS IN OUR COMMUNITYWe believe improving awareness about teen pregnancy prevention reduces the number of young girls getting pregnant.  Some 70% of teen mothers do not finish high school, and 75% remain single and depend long-term on public assistance.  Your support to United Way helps fund the Jackson Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative.  TPPI addresses issues contributing to teen pregnancy in Jackson County.  They open lines of communication between parents and their children regarding sexual health.  The program coordinates the Teen Advisory Council, which includes student volunteers who encourage positive behaviors among their peers.   TPPI promotes awareness with a variety methods including videos.  Last year ... Read more
  • SAVING PEOPLE FROM LIVING ON THE STREET SAVING PEOPLE FROM LIVING ON THE STREETWe believe Jackson County residents living at or near poverty should have the chance to avoid eviction and homelessness.  Your support allows United Way of Jackson County to fund a Mediation and Eviction Diversion Program facilitated by Legal Services of South Central Michigan.  This program builds positive communication between tenants and landlords, as well as basic needs assistance, educational and supportive services to help tenants address issues that led to the eviction process.  Your support, plus the hard work of all those connected with this program, helped 250 people avoid homelessness last year in Jackson County.  Alice’s story is just ... Read more
  • HEALTHY AND ACTIVE KIDS BECOME HEALTHY AND ACTIVE ADULTS HEALTHY AND ACTIVE KIDS BECOME HEALTHY AND ACTIVE ADULTSWe believe children are more likely to remain active throughout their life if they participate in regular physical activity they enjoy. Routine physical activity during their formative years will have a long term positive impact on their health.  By supporting United Way of Jackson County you make it possible for children from less fortunate families to have access to regular dance classes through the Jackson School of the Arts.  Classes are based on a sliding fee and have professional instructors.  Last year 398 children were able to participate in dance classes who otherwise would not have been able to afford it.  ... Read more
  • THE STREET IS NOT A HOME THE STREET IS NOT A HOMEWe believe Jackson’s most vulnerable citizens deserve housing, food, access to medical & mental health services, a sense of community and a place they can call home.   Because of your support, United Way of Jackson County can provide funding to the John George Home.   Early in 2016, key members of our community came together to save a man from a life on the street.  Here is the press release from the City of Jackson telling the story of James Riddle. Two years ago, James Riddle was working in Albion and living in Homer with his wife and two children. After a ... Read more
  • ABUSE TO STABILITY: HELPING WOMEN AND CHILDREN ABUSE TO STABILITY: HELPING WOMEN AND CHILDRENWe believe that helping women and children break away from a dangerous domestic situation protects them from current and future harm.  Survivors of domestic violence need assistance that puts them on the pathway to safety and financial stability, benefiting them and our community.  Because of your support, United Way of Jackson County is able to fund the AWARE Shelter’s Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter Program.  Last year 462 women and children found refuge at the AWARE Shelter.  Kallyn is one of them.  Some details have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved. Coming to the AWARE shelter wasn’t easy for ... Read more
  • SUCCEEDING IN SCHOOL LEADS TO SUCCEEDING IN LIFE SUCCEEDING IN SCHOOL LEADS TO SUCCEEDING IN LIFEWe believe a quality education leads to a successful future, access to good jobs and other opportunities.  Children who are not reading at the appropriate level by 4th grade are less likely to advance their education beyond high school and are more likely to drop out of school all together.  United Way of Jackson County’s Energizing Education pairs reading mentors with elementary students who have fallen behind in their reading skills.  The program also provides resources for parents to encourage reading at home.  Last year, 142 students across 5 Jackson County schools were involved with Energizing Education.  Jalen’s success ... Read more
  • HELPING FAMILIES THAT ARE ONE CRISIS AWAY FROM A DISASTER HELPING FAMILIES THAT ARE ONE CRISIS AWAY FROM A DISASTERKeeping The Lights On and Food On The Table For Families In Need. We believe providing a family with a hand up when they are facing hardships gives them the opportunity to improve their situation.  Many Jackson County families are one crisis away from losing everything.  With your support we are able to fund the Basic Needs Program at the Salvation Army which means the lights stay on, food is on the table or the water continues to flow.  This program allows families to work through adversity.  This family of five is just one out of thousands who received assistance.  Names ... Read more
  • SAVING FAMILIES AND IMPROVING LIVES SAVING FAMILIES AND IMPROVING LIVESOutpatient Counseling Supported By United Way   We believe that when adults and kids are mentally healthy, they are better able to learn, work and have a positive outlook for their future.  Your support of United Way of Jackson County makes outpatient counseling programs possible for individuals who would otherwise not have access.  Last year, 343 people in Jackson County received vital counseling due in large part to our partnership with Catholic Charities of Jackson, Lenawee and Hillsdale.  Here is just one of those stories.  Names have been changed to protect their privacy. Sheila’s mom had been drinking…again.  It was always bad when ... Read more