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  • KEEPING KIDS HEALTHY, ENSURING THEIR FUTURE KEEPING KIDS HEALTHY, ENSURING THEIR FUTUREEmpowering Our Youth To Stay On The Right Path Healthy kids stay in school and learn.  We believe children who complete their education will grow up to be young adults who will contribute to our society.  By supporting United Way of Jackson County you are helping teach children how to stay healthy through the Breakout Drug Education Program.  Last year 1440 students were reached through the program.  89% of those students committed to being drug free.  The following testimonial comes from one of the students involved with the program. “In simplest terms, a leader is one who knows where he wants to ... Read more
  • SCHOLARSHIPS THAT IMPROVE FAMILY’S FINANCIAL FUTURE SCHOLARSHIPS THAT IMPROVE FAMILY'S FINANCIAL FUTUREKids Get Great Early Education, Parents Can Keep Their Job. Everyone Wins! We believe that children who have access to quality early education will succeed in school, and by helping struggling families afford child care we will improve their financial future.  We provide financial assistance to the FIRST Family Support Program through the Child Care Network.  When you give to United Way of Jackson County you are ensuring that kids will succeed in school and their parents can keep their job or continue with their higher education.  Here is just one example of the impact that is made in Jackson ... Read more
  • JACKSON CALL CENTER’S ROLE IN FLINT Central Michigan 2-1-1, Playing A Major Role in the Flint Water Crisis.  The call center is located here in Jackson and it services nine counties, including Genesee.  For several months Central Michigan 2-1-1 has been assisting Flint residents in many ways including helping to schedule water deliveries, directing people to lead testing sites, providing info to residents on how to test water themselves and rumor control (the list goes on and on).  Within the past month alone Central Michigan 2-1-1 has handled thousands of calls from Flint residents and they are finding resolutions for issues many us will never have to ... Read more
  • CHANGING THE LIFE OF YOUNG GIRLS IN JACKSON CHANGING THE LIFE OF YOUNG GIRLS IN JACKSONAt-Risk Girls Are Becoming More Confident We believe young girls who develop positive attitudes and grow up with strong self-esteem have a better chance of succeeding in school.  By supporting the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Outreach Program, we can provide opportunities to young girls that will help them become strong confident women.  The Outreach Program provides access to Girl Scout activities for disadvantaged or at-risk girls who may otherwise fall through the cracks.  Hailey is just one girl of many who is growing and becoming more confident because of her access to Girl Scout events in Jackson. As a special reward, ... Read more
  • $4.5 MILLION COMES BACK TO JACKSON $4.5 MILLION COMES BACK TO JACKSONMaking An IMPACT, One Tax Return At A Time. We want struggling families to succeed.  By supporting the United Way of Jackson County you make it possible for low income families to have their taxes filed properly and accurately.  During the 2015 tax season the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program was responsible for bringing over $4.5 million back to Jackson County.  Money that was spent locally and was used to help those in need.  Cindy was just one the thousands whose life was impacted through the VITA program. In the process of preparing this year’s tax return, Cindy explained to the VITA ... Read more
  • OVERHEAD OR IMPACT? OVERHEAD OR IMPACT?ADDRESSING THE MYTH by Ken Toll I ran into The Myth again.      This time it was in a Facebook post, but that’s not the only place I’ve encountered it. I’ve seen The Myth in online news story comments. I’ve heard it at gatherings. I’ve had more phone conversations about it than I can count.      The Myth is this: the idea that the quality and effectiveness of a charitable organization is measured solely by its administrative costs, commonly called “overhead.” Overhead includes all the costs that come with running an organization except direct service provision; overhead include all fundraising costs, as well as ... Read more
  • HEALTHY FAMILIES ARE STABLE FAMILIES HEALTHY FAMILIES ARE STABLE FAMILIESPhysically and Emotionally Healthy Families Tend To Be Financially Stable Families   We believe that if families are physically and mentally healthy they have a better chance at staying or becoming financially stable.   We support the Family Counseling program through Family Service & Children’s Aid.  90% of adults and 95% of children who have completed a course of therapy demonstrated an improvement in mental or behavior functioning.  During the first half of 2015 this program served 542 clients.  Mary was one of those clients. Mary has been a client for the last six months.  Mary sought help because she couldn’t function anymore.  A ... Read more
  • NEW VOLUNTEER DATABASE COMING SOON NEW VOLUNTEER DATABASE COMING SOONVolunteer Center Unveils New Database    United Way is making some changes to its Volunteer Center aimed at streamlining the service, engaging more people and reducing costs. The outside-run database we’ve been using has become too expensive and not effective at actually connecting volunteers with local projects. As of Jan. 1, 2016, we’re switching to an internally managed database that we’ll manage entirely within United Way. So what does this mean for community volunteers and nonprofit partners? If you’re already registered as a volunteer or agency, we’ll simply move that information to the new database. Agencies will be able to add new projects or contact ... Read more
  • THE IMPACT OF EE THE IMPACT OF EEIMPACT IS MADE EVERYDAY BY ENERGIZING EDUCATION! Kriss Giannetti is the Energizing Education Program Manager for United Way of Jackson County.  Recently she shared these comments with our United Way volunteer leadership.  We thought it would be important to share with you. I wanted to share with you a few stories from Energizing Education to put in perspective why we do what we do and why good things happen when we rally towards common goals. We recently found out that one of the EE graduates at Frost Elementary is now in the LEAP program.  He was with us as a second grader and ... Read more
  • OUR MOST VULNERABLE NEED PROTECTION AND HELP OUR MOST VULNERABLE NEED PROTECTION AND HELPHelping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves and Saving Them From Exploitation.   We feel it is important to protect Jackson’s most vulnerable citizens.  The Jackson County Adult Guardian Services program helps meet the basic needs of incapacitated adults who are unable to protect their own interests and who are vulnerable to exploitation, neglect or injury.  Through this United Way supported program, a court appointed Guardian/Conservator develops a plan to keep these individuals functioning.  Legal, financial and medical decisions are made on their behalf.  From January through June of 2015 this program was responsible for helping to meet the basic needs for 460 ... Read more