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  • TPPI – Creating a Positive Future for Girls in Jackson TPPI - Creating a Positive Future for Girls in JacksonTeen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative Bringing a Message of Hope and Encouragement to Jackson Teens. One hundred more at-risk youth in the City of Jackson will receive abstinence education, service learning, and mentoring with the help of a recent expansion of grant dollars awarded to the Jackson County Health Department’s Abstinence Program, part of the Jackson County Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative. The TPPI is a collaboration between the health department and the United Way of Jackson County, along with 20 other local organizations.  The health department’s Abstinence Program received notification of being awarded an additional $50,000 from the Michigan Department of Health and Human ... Read more
  • LEGAL SERVICES OF SOUTH CENTRAL MICHIGAN – KEEPING FAMILIES SAFE, HEALTHY AND IN HOMES LEGAL SERVICES OF SOUTH CENTRAL MICHIGAN - KEEPING FAMILIES SAFE, HEALTHY AND IN HOMESHelping Those Who Need It The Most! The mission of LSSCM is to provide free civil legal assistance to low income persons with an emphasis on homelessness prevention, domestic violence prevention, and assistance in accessing health care, food and other basic needs. To accomplish their mission LSSCM offers a full range of legal services to families facing these critical issues.  Through legal counsel, referrals to other agencies, document preparation, negotiations and even full representation in court and administrative hearings, LSSCM has earned a 99 % success rate for families they have served facing crisis situations.  Rose and her family are just one ... Read more
  • ABUSE COALITION SPREADS ITS WINGS! ABUSE COALITION SPREADS ITS WINGS!Jackson County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition leaves United Way of Jackson County and is now a part of the Health Improvement Organization. By Ken Toll – President and CEO of United Way of Jackson County Among the many rewarding moments we experience at United Way is watching one of our programs leave the nest to do even greater things in our community. That’s the case with the Jackson County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (JCSAPC). After many years under the umbrella of United Way, JCSAPC  is being fully integrated with the Health Improvement Organization partnership spearheaded by Allegiance Health. This is a grand step in ... Read more
  • NONPROFIT NETWORK – MAKING A STRONGER COMMUNITY NONPROFIT NETWORK - MAKING A STRONGER COMMUNITYStronger Nonprofits Means a Stronger Jackson The Nonprofit Network serves as a community collaborator and point of coordination for gathering and disseminating information that is important to nonprofits.  The Network also provides specialized management and governance services.  Their overall goal is to strengthen nonprofit governance and management.  The Nonprofit Network provides capacity building and support services to United Way of Jackson County funded partners.  For example they partnered with the Community Action Agency to provide Bridges Out of Poverty training.  Also, in 2014 they partnered with the John George Home to provide services to the Jackson Friendly Home when they were ... Read more
  • ELDERLY MEN HAVE A HOME IN JACKSON ELDERLY MEN HAVE A HOME IN JACKSONEveryone should have a roof over their head, especially the elderly. Elderly men who would otherwise be homeless or in another type of desperate situation have a home at the John George Home.  The John George Home offers low-income housing, food and community service to Jackson’s most vulnerable senior citizens.  100% of the John George Home residents report they are completely satisfied with the provided home like environment.  Bob is just one of many who made this place his home. Late in 2014 Bob came to the John George Home from another assisted living organization.  He knew he didn’t have long to ... Read more
  • GIVING REFERRALS TO PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP GIVING REFERRALS TO PEOPLE WHO NEED HELPIf you are looking for assistance with a problem and don’t know where to turn, 2-1-1 is for you. When residents of Jackson County need help they call 2-1-1.  Central Michigan 2-1-1 provides comprehensive information and referral services to everyone.  2-1-1 also increases awareness of the much needed programs and services in our community.  Just from June to December last year over 17,000 calls for assistance were made to 2-1-1 by Jackson County residents.  Every call was answered and every call had a referral made.  Individuals were able to follow through on their own with the referral.  Shawn’s story is just ... Read more
  • PROVIDING COUNSELING FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT MOST PROVIDING COUNSELING FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT MOSTIncreasing Healthy Behaviors for Children and Adults. United Way of Jackson County funds counseling that addresses all types of circumstances including parent-child alienation, child behavior problems, child abuse and neglect, grief to loss, marriage conflicts, substance abuse, depression and work/life issues.  Because of this support, Family Services & Children’s Aid can provide a Family Counseling program on a sliding scale to the uninsured and underinsured.  Within six months this program served 685 clients with 90% demonstrating improvement in mental and behavioral functioning.  Positive outcomes mean families stay together, adults continue to work and children remain in school.  Here is just one ... Read more
  • JACKSON’S ELDERLY WOMEN HAVE A HOME JACKSON'S ELDERLY WOMEN HAVE A HOMEFood, Shelter, Health Care and Family We are making sure elderly women in Jackson are provided with meals, a roof over their head and baseline health care.  The United Way of Jackson County Supports the Jackson Friendly Home, a nonprofit affordable option offering a home-like atmosphere that encourages independence.  Women are often referred to the home through a physician or after their primary caregivers decide they can no longer take care of them alone.  If it wasn’t for The Jackson Friendly Home, some of Jackson’s most delicate citizens would be living on the streets.  For example, Tracy now has a home ... Read more
  • GIRLS LEARN LIFE SKILLS AND POSITIVE VALUES GIRLS LEARN LIFE SKILLS AND POSITIVE VALUESReaching Out To Girls Who Need It Most!   Due to lack of transportation, funding or volunteer support, many girls who need the benefits of girl scouts are not able to access them.  United Way of Jackson County supports the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Outreach Program which brings youth development opportunities to young girls who need it most.  The Outreach Program is at work in several Jackson Public School locations, the Jackson District Library, the Lily Missions Center and the Martin Luther King Community Center.  In a traditional setting a volunteer would be the role model and mentor for these young ... Read more
  • HELPING EVERYONE ACHIEVE GOOD MENTAL HEALTH HELPING EVERYONE ACHIEVE GOOD MENTAL HEALTHImproving Relationships, Employment and Education Through Counseling For Low Income Individuals and Families. We are helping children, families and adults of Jackson County deal with mental and substance abuse issues.  United Way of Jackson County supports Outpatient Counseling through Catholic Charities of Jackson.  The goal is to provide every individual in our community the opportunity to achieve strong, healthy, caring, family relationships with good mental health.  Successful outcomes have positively impacted housing, employment and family relationships in our community.  Low income families who are going through counseling are becoming self-sufficient, children in the program are succeeding in the classroom and have ... Read more