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  • PROVIDING COUNSELING FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT MOST PROVIDING COUNSELING FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT MOSTIncreasing Healthy Behaviors for Children and Adults. United Way of Jackson County funds counseling that addresses all types of circumstances including parent-child alienation, child behavior problems, child abuse and neglect, grief to loss, marriage conflicts, substance abuse, depression and work/life issues.  Because of this support, Family Services & Children’s Aid can provide a Family Counseling program on a sliding scale to the uninsured and underinsured.  Within six months this program served 685 clients with 90% demonstrating improvement in mental and behavioral functioning.  Positive outcomes mean families stay together, adults continue to work and children remain in school.  Here is just one ... Read more
  • JACKSON’S ELDERLY WOMEN HAVE A HOME JACKSON'S ELDERLY WOMEN HAVE A HOMEFood, Shelter, Health Care and Family We are making sure elderly women in Jackson are provided with meals, a roof over their head and baseline health care.  The United Way of Jackson County Supports the Jackson Friendly Home, a nonprofit affordable option offering a home-like atmosphere that encourages independence.  Women are often referred to the home through a physician or after their primary caregivers decide they can no longer take care of them alone.  If it wasn’t for The Jackson Friendly Home, some of Jackson’s most delicate citizens would be living on the streets.  For example, Tracy now has a home ... Read more
  • GIRLS LEARN LIFE SKILLS AND POSITIVE VALUES GIRLS LEARN LIFE SKILLS AND POSITIVE VALUESReaching Out To Girls Who Need It Most!   Due to lack of transportation, funding or volunteer support, many girls who need the benefits of girl scouts are not able to access them.  United Way of Jackson County supports the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Outreach Program which brings youth development opportunities to young girls who need it most.  The Outreach Program is at work in several Jackson Public School locations, the Jackson District Library, the Lily Missions Center and the Martin Luther King Community Center.  In a traditional setting a volunteer would be the role model and mentor for these young ... Read more
  • HELPING EVERYONE ACHIEVE GOOD MENTAL HEALTH HELPING EVERYONE ACHIEVE GOOD MENTAL HEALTHImproving Relationships, Employment and Education Through Counseling For Low Income Individuals and Families. We are helping children, families and adults of Jackson County deal with mental and substance abuse issues.  United Way of Jackson County supports Outpatient Counseling through Catholic Charities of Jackson.  The goal is to provide every individual in our community the opportunity to achieve strong, healthy, caring, family relationships with good mental health.  Successful outcomes have positively impacted housing, employment and family relationships in our community.  Low income families who are going through counseling are becoming self-sufficient, children in the program are succeeding in the classroom and have ... Read more
  • HELPING FAMILIES BECOME FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT AND STABLE HELPING FAMILIES BECOME FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT AND STABLEFamilies in Jackson are getting ahead! Jackson’s working poor are getting their money back.  United Way of Jackson County supports the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.  The Community Action Agency recruits and trains volunteers to prepare free taxes for qualifying families.   Just last year this program was responsible for bringing nearly $5 million back to Jackson County.  Tax return money that otherwise wouldn’t be there.  Those dollars and cents are being spent at local grocery stores, going to purchase clothing for children, paying bills to help keep the lights on, it’s money that is  being spent in Jackson County by ... Read more
  • EMPOWERING WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMENThe AWARE Shelter Provides Sanctuary & Counseling for Survivors of Domestic Violence Jackson’s AWARE shelter helps survivors of domestic violence heal and move forward with their lives.  AWARE offers free assistance, counseling, and support.  The AWARE shelter empowers women to live a violence free life. Through counseling, women and children learn domestic violence is not their fault.  Women attending counseling understand they have access to treatment to address mental health concerns now or in the future.  Children attending counseling at the AWARE shelter discuss different aspects of health, including physical and emotional.  The AWARE shelter helps their clients move forward in life. ... Read more
  • FIGHTING IN THE COURTS TO KEEP FAMILIES STABLE AND VICTIMS SAFE FIGHTING IN THE COURTS TO KEEP FAMILIES STABLE AND VICTIMS SAFELegal Services To The Very Low Income Individual & Families Jackson’s most vulnerable population has access to legal services.  Services that will help keep them in their homes and services that protect them from domestic violence situations.  Those who are eligible can get legal assistance in accessing health care, food and needs-based income programs.  From July through December last year nearly 2000 Jackson County residents received this free legal service.  99% of these cases had successful outcomes.  Rose and her family are just one example of the positive impact this program is having in Jackson County. Rose contacted Legal Services of South ... Read more
  • AT-RISK YOUTH WILL NOT BE LEFT BEHIND AT-RISK YOUTH WILL NOT BE LEFT BEHINDChildren are not falling behind, they are getting ahead! Children who lack structure and guidance after school are at greater risk for falling behind in their academics and are more likely to make poor choices that could negatively impact their lives.  The Lily Mission Center provides safe, structured activities during non-school hours and ongoing interaction with caring adults.  They maintain an environment that enhances the school experience and an opportunity for Jackson youth to give back to their community through volunteering. Most children attending the Lily Mission Center After School Program increase their math score, show improved reading fluency and increased reading ... Read more
  • KIDS ARE COMMITTING TO BE DRUG FREE KIDS ARE COMMITTING TO BE DRUG FREEJackson County Teens Are Learning & Responding To The Right Information About Drugs & Alcohol. Jackson area teenagers are learning of the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  Not just what they are reading online or hearing from friends but the real and accurate information through the Breakout Drug Education Program.  Last year 2,352 Jackson students were engaged in the program’s presentations.  As a result most teens say there is little or no chance they will drink or use drugs while they are in high school. The program has found a way to really connect with teens.  They listen and respond, here are ... Read more
  • Helping Struggling Families Prevail Helping Struggling Families PrevailFamilies receive the assistance they need to get back on their feet. Those who have fallen on hard times, for any number of reasons, are able to get a hand up.  Low and moderate income residents have access to food, energy and housing assistance through the Salvation Army’s Basic Needs Program.  Within only a six month span 1,150 area residents were able to keep their lights on, nearly 4,000 people received enough food each to last five days and 15 families were able to stay in their homes and avoid eviction.  Instead of these families worrying about where their next meal ... Read more