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  • Family Service & Children’s Aid – Jackson County Guardian Services Family Service & Children's Aid - Jackson County Guardian Services Jackson County Guardian Services program provides Guardian and Conservator services to enrich the lives of incapacitated adults who are unable to protect their own interest and who are vulnerable to exploitation, neglect or injury.  These individuals have had a Guardian and/or Conservator appointed by the Court to undertake the legal responsibility of making major life decisions and advocating for them by making care, custody, medical treatment and financial decisions.  The Guardian/Conservator helps develop a community based service plan for achieving and/or maintaining optimum social, psychological and physical functioning.  This is achieved through providing assessments, service planning and coordination, making arrangements ... Read more
  • JCISD – Early Truancy Intervention Program JCISD - Early Truancy Intervention Program The Jackson County Intermediate School District’s Early Truancy Intervention program provides home-based support services to families with elementary school-aged children, grades K-5, who have been referred by their elementary school for attendance difficulties, including excessive absenteeism and/or tardiness.  The ETI program provides referred families with needed support services to identify and overcome barriers that interfere with their child’s regular and timely attendance.  The primary goals of the ETI program are to promote regular attendance habits and increase and maintain consistent attendance of elementary school-aged children.  To achieve these goals, the ETI program provides families with support services that include: a ... Read more
  • Project Access Project Access Project Access provides enrolled patients access to primary health care, specialty care, inpatient and outpatient hospital services, prescriptions and much more.  Those who are eligible for the program are able to access preventative care and screening services.  Project Access partners with Allegiance Prevention and Community Health to provide a Self-Management program for all enrollees, they receive education and resources they need to begin implementing healthier lifestyles.  The intent is to have patients proactively care for themselves and in turn emergency and clinic based visits are expected to decrease.  Project Access provides donated health care to Jackson County’s underinsure and uninsured.  ... Read more
  • The John George Home The John George Home The John George Home provides low-income housing for elderly men.  With funding from The United Way of Jackson County, The John George home is able to provide affordable housing, healthy meals, access to medical treatment and mental health coordination to some of Jackson County’s most vulnerable.  Residents enjoy the freedom to come and go as they please with the comfort of knowing that their professional staff is there 24 hours a day.  The John George Home is a privately owned nonprofit and licensed home for the aged.  The 42 residents of the John George Home enjoy a true feeling of ... Read more
  • Lily Mission Center’s After School Program Lily Mission Center's After School Program The After School Program at the Lily Missions Center provides children with a safe environment where they can have fun, learn skills that enhance their school education and they can receive a well-balanced meal. The program operates during non-school hours.  It’s a safe place with structured activity providing physical, mental and emotional well-being for at risk youth.  Children who attend develop ongoing relationships with positive role models such as caring adults, mentors, tutors, coaches and parents. Children get instruction in reading, math and computer literacy.  Their outcomes are measured by trained professionals’.  The students are assessed at the beginning and end of ... Read more
  • Family Service & Children’s Aid – Breakout Program Family Service & Children's Aid - Breakout Program The Breakout Drug Education Program provides school-based drug prevention education for middle and high school students during the school day.  The program uses evidence based strategies and curriculum that have proven to delay, reduce or eliminate alcohol and other drug use and increase healthy behaviors. 80% of students who have fully completed the program report there is little or no chance that they will use drugs or alcohol during their high school academic career. Recently a student in the program contacted Program Coordinator Shelly Milligan and had this to say. “ I loved it when you came to my school. I have a ... Read more
  • Salvation Army – Basic Needs Program Salvation Army - Basic Needs ProgramThere are times when many people need a hand up.  The Salvation Army is here to help during those times.  With funding through the United Way of Jackson County the Salvation Army in Jackson has been able to provide food, energy and housing assistance to low and moderate income Jackson County residents through their Basic Needs program.  For the first half of 2014 the Salvation Army of Jackson helped 1,590 families avoid a utility shutoff or had their service restored, provided 3,010 Jackson County families with food assistance to last five days and helped 10 families avoid eviction and or ... Read more
  • Family Service & Children’s Aid – Parent Education Program Family Service & Children's Aid - Parent Education Program The FSCA Parent Education Program is designed to assist parents in developing the skills necessary to positively influence their children through the parenting role.  The program provides parenting assessments to identify areas of strength and need.  Focus is on building empathy in children, fostering independence, developing age-appropriate expectations, maintaining appropriate roles, and using positive discipline techniques.  Individualized assessments identify barriers to positive parenting.  The Nurturing Parenting curriculum uses evidence-based practices that emphasize positive parenting, which in turn builds stronger families.  Skills are emphasized that help parents develop empathy and improve overall relations within their families.  The FSCA PE program connects ... Read more
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative Because of your donation to United Way of Jackson County area teens are advocating for pregnancy prevention with their peers.  The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative is a community-wide effort led by the United Way of Jackson County and the Jackson County Health Department.  The mission of the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative is to reduce the teen pregnancy rate and address contributing factors for the young people of Jackson County.  The Teen Pregnancy Prevention initiative is committed to working towards improving the sexual health of teens in Jackson County.  To accomplish this TPPI has established four strategic goals. Maintain the TPPI as ... Read more
  • Legal Services of South Central Michigan LSSCM provides free civil legal assistance to low-income persons with emphasis on homelessness prevention, domestic violence prevention and assisting in accessing health care, food, and needs-based income programs.  The “Legal Services to Very Low Income Individuals and Families” program provides free civil legal assistance to very low income individuals and their families with an emphasis on homelessness prevention, domestic violence prevention, and assisting in accessing healthcare, food, and needs-based income programs in Jackson County. The work in this program aligns with the outcome of meeting basic needs by providing a full range of legal services to families facing these critical issues ... Read more