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  • Improving The Quality Of Life For Struggling Families Improving The Quality Of Life For Struggling Families WE LIVE UNITED by improving the quality of life for families and individuals of our community who are living at or near poverty. Your UWJC support helps to feed thousands of people across Jackson County through the Fresh Food Initiative operated by the Food Bank of South Central Michigan. Throughout the summer months, this program provides quality, fresh produce to those in need. The following is a testimonial of a single mother who received food assistance through this United Way supported program. I am a Navy veteran. I was honorably discharged after serving my country for four years on several detachments ... Read more
  • Preserving Our Commitment To Young Students of Jackson County Preserving Our Commitment To Young Students of Jackson CountyI want to let you know about some changes to Energizing Education (EE) — changes that will preserve EE’s commitment to helping young students read proficiently while we adapt EE activities to reflect financial challenges. The simple fact is, for all its success, EE has struggled to acquire the necessary funding to run the program. Resources expected from the State never materialized. While local businesses and foundations have stepped up — along with many volunteer mentors — it’s not enough to fill the gap. Fortunately, Grass Lake, Jackson Public Schools, Michigan Center, and Northwest school districts see the value in EE ... Read more
  • Preventing Homelessness, Empowering Stability Preventing Homelessness, Empowering StabilityUNITED WE FIGHT for the financial stability of every person in our community. Families and individuals who are living in or near poverty are constantly dealing with obstacles that threaten their sustainability. For this reason, United Way of Jackson County values our relationship with Jackson Housing Commission Support Services. This program evaluates the needs of struggling households, then provides guidance and assistance including life skills support, basic needs, outreach, conflict resolution, job development, and many other resources. Your UWJC support empowers these households to work through their struggles so they can regain or maintain their stability. Tonya was recently reunited ... Read more
  • We Want Parents and Students To Find Success and Stability We Want Parents and Students To Find Success and StabilityWE LIVE UNITED by helping young students achieve in school while helping their parents maintain stability. Quality after-school care is difficult to afford for families living at or near poverty. For their children, the hours after school are often filled with unstructured and inconsistent care. Parents regularly have to leave work early to care for their children, lessening their paycheck and threatening their employment. Elementary students without proper after-school care are at risk of falling behind academically. Our support of the Lily Mission Center’s After School Program provides a quality learning experience, physical fitness and good nutrition to every child ... Read more
  • Surviving Abuse, Finding Stability; Starting A New Life In Jackson Surviving Abuse, Finding Stability; Starting A New Life In JacksonUNITED WE FIGHT for the financial stability of everyone in our community. With your support, we are able to mobilize the best resources in Jackson County to assist those living in desperate situations and help them develop their pathway to success and financial stability. United Way of Jackson County is able to accomplish this goal in part through our support of the Residential Services Program at AWARE, Inc. Jayla finally had enough. After years of violence at the hands of her boyfriend, she left. She knew she couldn’t stay in Detroit with family or friends because he would find her. He ... Read more
  • JobSTAR Sets Course for Stronger Families & Community JobSTAR Sets Course for Stronger Families & Community by Ken Toll Two years ago, United Way unveiled a vision for our community and a bold goal to take us there. Our vision: A community rich in opportunities to eliminate poverty and allow all people to achieve financial stability and success. Our goal: Help 5,000 Jackson County residents develop a pathway to financial success by 2025. Everything we do, every task we perform, every program or partnership we support is aimed at Financial Stability. In that light, we know these two critical things: One, a good-paying job is the most effective pathway to financial stability for individuals and families. Two, a steady, productive ... Read more
  • Helping Families Work Through Challenges Helping Families Work Through Challenges WE LIVE UNITED by helping at-risk youth become better students and helping struggling households find their stability. Much of the work you support revolves around removing obstacles that prevent those living at or near poverty from attending school or maintaining their employment. For many of us, similar obstacles may be challenging but not impossible to overcome. For the 1/3 of Jackson County residents living in hardship, these obstacles may prove to be too much. By helping families and individuals work through any number of challenges, we can help them maintain or regain their stability and develop their pathway to success. ... Read more
  • We Fight For Those Who Need A Voice We Fight For Those Who Need A Voice UNITED WE FIGHT for the financial stability of everyone in Jackson County. Your support helps low-income households avoid homelessness, protect them from domestic violence, and assist them with accessing health care, food and other basic need supports. Programs such as Legal Services for Very Low Income Individuals and Families through Legal Services of South Central Michigan helps us fight for those who don’t have the resources to fight for themselves. Connie’s story is an example of someone who was able to maintain stability in their life until disaster struck. Connie is disabled, she works part time from home and depends on ... Read more
  • Every Month Is Reading Month Every Month Is Reading Month UNITED WE WIN by providing the opportunity for students all across Jackson County to succeed in school. Your support increases the reading proficiency of struggling elementary students in our community. United Way’s Energizing Education Program pairs students who are behind in their reading with trained mentors. Last year, 140 mentors helped 177 students to gain more confidence and become better readers. This is one story of the hundreds of lives that have been touched through your support. One of Energizing Education’s mentors is a coach in the community. He has been a mentor with EE for several years and this year ... Read more
  • Helping Families and Children Succeed Helping Families and Children Succeed UNITED WE FIGHT for a life of stability for children in our community. Your generosity allows UWJC to support the Emergency Child Care Program through the Felician Children’s Center. The main focus of the program is to offer temporary, quality childcare on an emergency basis for parents who a dealing with a traumatic experience. The program allows them to maintain their work schedule or continue their education while providing this vital service until the crisis they are dealing with has been resolved. In some cases, the program is more of a benefit to the children enrolled. Such is the case ... Read more