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  • Helping Families Regain Their Stability Helping Families Regain Their StabilityUNITED WE WIN by helping families through the most difficult of times until they can regain a life of stability and success. United Way of Jackson County supports the Felician Children’s Center Emergency Child Care Program. This program reserves six year-round placements for emergency child care situations for urgent circumstances such as immediate medical crises and for working families that may lose income without this option. Parents are able to work through whatever challenges they are facing while their children prosper in excellent child care. Joy is just one of the many parents who have benefited from this United Way ... Read more
  • Partnership Drives Drop in Teen Pregnancies Partnership Drives Drop in Teen PregnanciesA dramatic decline in teen pregnancies proves the power of partnership to tackle one of the biggest social challenges in Jackson County. “When teenagers become parents, they’re less likely to finish school, more likely to live in poverty, and often pass along health and economic problems to their children,” said Michelle White, Director of Health Education and Health Promotion at the Jackson County Health Department. In 2003, more than 78 of every 1,000 females ages 15-19 in Jackson County became pregnant. While lower than the high mark—the rate hit nearly 114 per 1,000 in 1990—it remained far too high. In fact, Jackson ... Read more
  • Small Needs With Huge IMPACT Small Needs With Huge IMPACTUNITED WE FIGHT POVERTY! Families who are struggling shouldn’t have to choose between keeping the lights on or putting food on the table, or staying warm or filling their prescription, or fixing a leak or fixing their car so they can get to work. United Way of Jackson County supports the Salvation Army’s Basic Needs Program, which provides food, energy, and limited housing assistance to low- and moderate-income residents of Jackson County. The program also provides prescription, funeral, transportation, home repair assistance and other emergency needs on a limited basis as funding is available. Your support allows this program to ... Read more
  • Creating The Opportunity For Our Kids To Succeed Creating The Opportunity For Our Kids To SucceedUNITED WE WIN by believing every child in our community should have the opportunity to succeed in school and helping those who are struggling to reach their full potential. United Way of Jackson County knows that when students are not reading at grade level by the end of third grade, they are more likely to struggle academically, fall behind in their studies, and possibly not finish high school. We want all of our children to have the opportunity to be college- or career-ready. A few years ago, United Way of Jackson County, in partnership with Cradle 2 Career, created Energizing Education. ... Read more
  • Affordable Medication Leads To A Healthy Community Affordable Medication Leads To A Healthy CommunityFood or life-giving medicine—which would you choose?   United Way believes no one should have to make that choice. That’s why we partner with the FamilyWize drug discount program to help thousands of Jackson County residents save money on their medicines. According to new data from FamilyWize, 2,523 residents saved $403,333 on prescription drugs between 2013 and 2016. The average savings was 47 percent. UWJC President and CEO Ken Toll offers some crucial background on the link between poverty and health: Our United Way tackles poverty in Jackson County, and the cost of medicines is one common factor that can send struggling ... Read more
  • Helping Senior Men Who Cannot Help Themselves Helping Senior Men Who Cannot Help ThemselvesWe LIVE UNITED by ensuring our most vulnerable elderly citizens have housing and access to basic needs supports. Your support provides food, clothing, housekeeping, medication administration, financial management, community collaboration, medical and mental health coordination, and a home for older gentlemen. Through your support, United Way of Jackson County provides funds to the John George Home which provides a life of stability for these men. Forty-three men currently call the John George Home their home, but many are on a waiting list to move in. Dave is on that list.  For nearly a year, Dave has been waiting to move into the ... Read more
  • Mentoring Our Kids, Changing Their Future. Mentoring Our Kids, Changing Their Future.UNITED WE WIN by helping the at-risk children of our community realize their full potential and helping them develop a positive sense of their own future. United Way of Jackson County is honored to support mentoring programs like Bigs in Schools through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Jackson County. Caring adults are paired with children who need mentoring. They meet once a week during lunch. During their time together they read, focus on the student’s studies, set goals and come up with a plan to achieve their goals. Most importantly, these kids, who otherwise don’t have a positive role model in ... Read more
  • Domestic Violence Survivors Are Finding Their Pathway To Stability Domestic Violence Survivors Are Finding Their Pathway To StabilityUNITED WE WIN when we work together for safe housing, counseling and financial stability for survivors of domestic violence. United Way of Jackson County supports residential and non-residential services at the AWARE Shelter in Jackson. This program provides counseling for women and children dealing with this type of trauma, legal assistance and safe housing so they can be protected.  Your support empowers them toward a life of stability and success with job financial training and housing assistance. Each year hundreds of women and their children seek sanctuary at the AWARE Shelter. Amy’s story is just one of many that shows how ... Read more
  • Security and Stability For Our Most Vulnerable Neighbors Security and Stability For Our Most Vulnerable NeighborsWe help protect vulnerable adults from neglect, injury and exploitation. United Way of Jackson County supports a Guardian Services Program that provides Guardian and Conservator services for incapacitated adults who are unable to protect their own interests. This program is run by Family Service and Children’s Aid and allows for a court appointed Guardian / Conservator to take responsibility for major life decisions and advocate on their behalf. There are hundreds of individuals who now have a life of stability as a result of this program. Mark’s story is just one example of the IMPACT that takes place every day ... Read more
  • No Money, No Family, No Sanctuary. No Money, No Family, No Sanctuary.United Way of Jackson County empowers women who are survivors of domestic violence. These women don’t want to live this horrific life. They don’t want their children growing up to think this is normal. They don’t have family to offer sanctuary. They don’t have money to fund an escape. They are secluded in a nightmare of endless abuse with nowhere to hide and no one to help. They are trapped. United Way of Jackson County fights for their safety and stability by supporting legal assistance for low-income persons. Through this program, victims are able to obtain divorces, custody, stable housing and ... Read more