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  • Financial Stability For Everyone, Including The Elderly Financial Stability For Everyone, Including The ElderlyWho cares for our elderly citizens when they are alone and not able to care for themselves? Your support allows United Way of Jackson County to help fund a home for elderly women in our community, providing a life of stability and comfort. There are 48 elderly women currently residing at the Jackson Friendly Home. Elizabeth is among those who call it their home. Elizabeth spent most of her life caring for others. For decades she was a foster parent to dozens of children in need. Have a conversation with Elizabeth sometime and listen to story after story of all the children ... Read more
  • Impacting Our Youth, Changing Lives Impacting Our Youth, Changing LivesWe want a community that is free from poverty and rich in opportunity. Children who make healthy choices grow into responsible adults who are able to achieve their own success and a financially stable life. Your support allows United Way of Jackson County to fund drug education prevention for middle and high school students throughout our community. Shelly Milligan has been the Program Coordinator for many years and she is routinely stopped by former students who have been IMPACTED by the program. Shelly posted her most recent encounter on Facebook a few days ago. As I am writing this, I am crying. ... Read more
  • Being Involved To Better Our Community Being Involved To Better Our Community“LIVE UNITED means all people, from all walks of life and circumstances, united by a passion to serve and improve the community we share.” Valerie Jurasek is a Global Safety and Pharmacovigilance Associate with Inventiv Health and has been a United Way of Jackson County board member for nearly 2 years. Valerie wants to do her part to make our community a better place, that’s why she dedicates part of her time to United Way of Jackson County. “I like being involved in anything that betters the community. By providing support to people in the community through programs, we are helping the community ... Read more
  • We Want A Healthy, Happy, and Stable Jackson County. We Want A Healthy, Happy, and Stable Jackson County.Healthy kids are happy kids, they have better school attendance and overall better attitudes. Healthy kids grow up to be healthy adults who work, live, play and contribute to our community. Promoting a healthy lifestyle for our youth includes promoting physical activity. Dance for a Healthier Jackson is a program supported by United Way of Jackson County that provides this outlet for children of our community. Affordability often restricts participation to the arts. Your support allows dance classes to be offered through this program at the Jackson School of the Arts on a sliding fee income scale. We believe it is ... Read more
  • Keeping Families Together, Adults Working, and Kids In School. Keeping Families Together, Adults Working, and Kids In School.We recognize mental health is just as important as physical health. When individuals are mentally and physically healthy they are able to work or continue their education. Your support allows United Way of Jackson County to sustain The Family Counseling Program through Family Service and Children’s Aid. This program addresses a wide variety circumstances: parent-child alienation, child behavior problems, child abuse and neglect, grief and loss, marriage conflicts, substance abuse, depression and work/life issues. Treatment is customized according to client’s needs and not their ability to pay. Each year hundreds of Jackson County residents seek services through this program. Tom is ... Read more
  • $4.4 Million To Those Who Need It Most $4.4 Million To Those Who Need It MostEvery dime matters for individuals and families who are struggling. Your support makes it possible for United Way of Jackson County to fund the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program. Low-income households who qualify are getting their taxes properly prepared for free by trained volunteers, and they are getting the tax return they deserve. Households that are in distress are getting an infusion of cash when they need it most. Betty is one of thousands who benefit from this program every year in Jackson County. Being a senior citizen, Betty is on a limited income, which leaves little room for any ... Read more
  • Driving Change and Impact In Our Community Driving Change and Impact In Our Community“We’re all in this together and need to stand beside each other to build a better community.” Keri Wood from Eaton Aerospace and United Way Volunteer. Keri Wood is one of the newest member of our Campaign Cabinet. She has been volunteering her time to provide direction and leadership for our fundraising efforts for just over a year. Keri says it’s important to give back to our community. “Each person is blessed in different ways with different skill sets and life circumstances, I believe it’s important to pass on those blessings to empower our community.” Keri believes that by giving of your time, your ... Read more
  • Your Impact On Our Community This week we have a video Story of IMPACT from our Volunteer of the Year, Ted Ykimoff. Why does your gift matter? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hO98yV8B_2s&t=24s Read more
  • Preventing Teenage Pregnancies and Keeping Girls In School Preventing Teenage Pregnancies and Keeping Girls In SchoolWe believe reducing the number of teenage mothers in our community is just one step of many in creating a community rich in opportunities and free from poverty. The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative was formed in 2005 by UWJC and continues today as part of the Jackson County Health Department. TPPI seeks to improve adolescent sexual health, improve communication between teens and adults, and promote awareness on the issue. Because of this program, teenagers across Jackson County are engaged in conversations with peers and adults on sexual health . From January to June 2016, over 1,800 teens were reached through this ... Read more
  • We Believe Troubled Teens Can Be Redirected We Believe Troubled Teens Can Be RedirectedWe believe in second chances. We believe troubled teens who are going down the wrong path can be redirected. We want these kids to grow into responsible adults who are financially independent. Your United Way of Jackson County support allows us to fund a Juvenile Diversion and Truancy Prevention Program that provides at-risk juveniles with services that promote regular school attendance, improve overall choices in their behavior, prevent further prosecution/recidivism, and improve familial relationships. Tammy, is a 15 year old who has dealt with a lot at a young age. This United Way funded program turned her life around. Tammy’s story ... Read more