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  • Helping Families Achieve Stability Helping Families Achieve StabilityWhen families fall upon hard times, we need to help them get back on their pathway to financial stability and success. Your gifts to United Way of Jackson County allows us to support the Basic Needs Program through the Salvation Army. You are helping to remove financial barriers that are keeping hard-working families from becoming or regaining their financial stability. This family of five is just one example of thousands throughout Jackson County IMPACTED by your support: Gina came to the Salvation Army desperate for help. She and her husband lost their jobs just weeks apart. Now, just a few short ... Read more
  • Less Stress, More Stability. Leading Families Toward Success. Less Stress, More Stability. Leading Families Toward Success.We want struggling families to become financially stable, and we want their children to succeed in school. Because of your support, United Way of Jackson County can provide funds for the FIRST Family Support Program. This program allows families who are at or near financial crisis to maintain stable employment or continuing education while ensuring quality early education and day care for their children. Susan’s story is just one example of the IMPACT that is being made in Jackson County, thanks to your support. Susan is a married mother of two small children. She is loving and kind. Susan is a ... Read more
  • Helping Kids Stay Healthy Helps Families Remain Stable Helping Kids Stay Healthy Helps Families Remain StableLast week we introduced you to V-CHAP, which stands for Virtual Children’s health Access Program. Click here for last week’s blog. V-CHAP is an evidence-based model that improves the quality of health outcomes for children with Medicaid while reducing the cost for care. More than one in three households  in Jackson County are either in poverty or struggling to make ends meet. At some point during the year, many of those families have a child that will need medical care. That family must decide to purchase essentials for the week for their entire family or use their resources to provide health ... Read more
  • Which Would You Choose: Medicine or Food? Which Would You Choose: Medicine or Food?It’s a horrible choice that many in our community must make.  Some 36% of households in Jackson County are living at or near poverty, according to the most recent ALICE Report. That is 21,345 homes in our community that at some point this year may have to decide between spending what little money they have on medicine for their sick child or to purchase food for their family. We at United Way of Jackson County believe no one should face such a decision. The following is an article from the Michigan Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics written by President Teresa ... Read more
  • Preventing Homelessness and Preserving Stability Preventing Homelessness and Preserving StabilityWhen families are living at or below the poverty line, they don’t have the resources they need to prevent a wrongful eviction. By supporting United Way of Jackson County, you help us fund a mediation and eviction diversion program through Legal Services of South Central Michigan. This program facilitates communication between tenants and the landlords and is a collaboration between several non-profit agencies and Jackson County District Court. Most of the time an understanding can be reached and an eviction can be avoided. However, in some cases legal action is needed in order to protect the rights of struggling families. For ... Read more
  • Financial Stability For Everyone, Including The Elderly Financial Stability For Everyone, Including The ElderlyWho cares for our elderly citizens when they are alone and not able to care for themselves? Your support allows United Way of Jackson County to help fund a home for elderly women in our community, providing a life of stability and comfort. There are 48 elderly women currently residing at the Jackson Friendly Home. Elizabeth is among those who call it their home. Elizabeth spent most of her life caring for others. For decades she was a foster parent to dozens of children in need. Have a conversation with Elizabeth sometime and listen to story after story of all the children ... Read more
  • Impacting Our Youth, Changing Lives Impacting Our Youth, Changing LivesWe want a community that is free from poverty and rich in opportunity. Children who make healthy choices grow into responsible adults who are able to achieve their own success and a financially stable life. Your support allows United Way of Jackson County to fund drug education prevention for middle and high school students throughout our community. Shelly Milligan has been the Program Coordinator for many years and she is routinely stopped by former students who have been IMPACTED by the program. Shelly posted her most recent encounter on Facebook a few days ago. As I am writing this, I am crying. ... Read more
  • Being Involved To Better Our Community Being Involved To Better Our Community“LIVE UNITED means all people, from all walks of life and circumstances, united by a passion to serve and improve the community we share.” Valerie Jurasek is a Global Safety and Pharmacovigilance Associate with Inventiv Health and has been a United Way of Jackson County board member for nearly 2 years. Valerie wants to do her part to make our community a better place, that’s why she dedicates part of her time to United Way of Jackson County. “I like being involved in anything that betters the community. By providing support to people in the community through programs, we are helping the community ... Read more
  • We Want A Healthy, Happy, and Stable Jackson County. We Want A Healthy, Happy, and Stable Jackson County.Healthy kids are happy kids, they have better school attendance and overall better attitudes. Healthy kids grow up to be healthy adults who work, live, play and contribute to our community. Promoting a healthy lifestyle for our youth includes promoting physical activity. Dance for a Healthier Jackson is a program supported by United Way of Jackson County that provides this outlet for children of our community. Affordability often restricts participation to the arts. Your support allows dance classes to be offered through this program at the Jackson School of the Arts on a sliding fee income scale. We believe it is ... Read more
  • Keeping Families Together, Adults Working, and Kids In School. Keeping Families Together, Adults Working, and Kids In School.We recognize mental health is just as important as physical health. When individuals are mentally and physically healthy they are able to work or continue their education. Your support allows United Way of Jackson County to sustain The Family Counseling Program through Family Service and Children’s Aid. This program addresses a wide variety circumstances: parent-child alienation, child behavior problems, child abuse and neglect, grief and loss, marriage conflicts, substance abuse, depression and work/life issues. Treatment is customized according to client’s needs and not their ability to pay. Each year hundreds of Jackson County residents seek services through this program. Tom is ... Read more