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  • WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEEDYour United Way of Jackson County support is helping young students understand how alcohol, tobacco, and drugs will negatively impact their lives. We believe kids who have been a part of this United Way funded program will make positive choices and will remain on their pathway to stability and success. The Breakout Drug Education Program provides school based education for middle and high school students throughout Jackson County. They are making an IMPACT in our community. The following was taken from a “Letter of Support” written by a Columbia Central teacher. This program is effective because it is geared toward the middle ... Read more
  • WE WANT ALL GIRLS TO BE RESOURCEFUL AND CONFIDENT WE WANT ALL GIRLS TO BE RESOURCEFUL AND CONFIDENTWe believe all girls in elementary school should have the opportunity to learn positive values, develop confidence and flourish through cooperation and teamwork. By supporting United Way of Jackson County, you make it possible to bring a program that promotes these behaviors among low-income populations. UWJC funds the Girl Scout Outreach Program, which takes the values of scouting to areas of need. At-risk girls who engage in scouting develop practical life skills, critical thinking, cooperation and teambuilding skills, becoming resourceful problem-solvers. Through group activities and personal mentoring, these girls develop self-worth and a positive sense of their own future. One of ... Read more
  • SAVING FAMILIES & IMPROVING LIVES SAVING FAMILIES & IMPROVING LIVESWe believe every child, family, and individual in Jackson County should have the opportunity to forge strong, healthy and caring family relationships with good mental health.   Your United Way of Jackson County support is making an impact by providing outpatient counseling services through Catholic Charities to the uninsured and under-insured. Mary’s story is just one of many whose life was turned around by your generosity. Mary was struggling — with her children, with relationships within her family, with work, and especially with her husband. She had good role models as a child, and her parents were great. Why was her marriage so ... Read more
  • GUARDIANS HELP PROVIDE A LIFE OF STABILITY GUARDIANS HELP PROVIDE A LIFE OF STABILITYWe believe it’s important to protect the interests of incapacitated adults who may be vulnerable to exploitation, neglect or injury.  Your support allows United Way of Jackson County to fund an Adult Guardian Program.  These guardians and conservators are court-appointed to advocate and make decisions on care, custody, medical treatment and finances. Your support stops crimes like fraud and abuse; in many cases, your support saves the lives of adults who can’t help themselves. Betty’s neighbors were aware of her. They knew she was in her mid-60s, developmentally disabled and living alone.  They were aware, but they didn’t really know her. ... Read more
  • KEEP JACKSON HEALTHY, MAKE JACKSON PROSPEROUS! KEEP JACKSON HEALTHY, MAKE JACKSON PROSPEROUS!We believe all people should have the opportunity to embrace a healthy lifestyle so they can live, work and succeed. Your support has made it possible to remove obstacles that prevent families and individuals from maintaining their own health and allowing them to work or continue their education.  Project Access is a United Way created and funded program that coordinates necessary health care services to patients that cannot afford medical services and do not have insurance or qualify for public health insurance programs.   Donna’s story is just one of many who have been impacted by your support. Donna found a lump and ... Read more
  • RIGHTS, BASIC NEEDS & ABUSE! PROTECTING OUR MOST VULNERABLE CITIZENS RIGHTS, BASIC NEEDS & ABUSE! PROTECTING OUR MOST VULNERABLE CITIZENSWe believe Jackson’s most at-risk population should have their rights and access to their most basic needs protected. Your support allows United Way of Jackson County to fund Legal Services to very low income individuals and families. This program provides a full range of legal services to qualifying families and individuals, with the goal of meeting basic needs and increasing financial independence. Guan-yin was one of hundreds who found protection because of your United Way support. Guan-yin had a difficult life in China. She worked very hard with very little reward. She looked to the United States and dreamed of a ... Read more
  • SAFETY & STABILITY FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SURVIVORS SAFETY & STABILITY FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SURVIVORSWe believe women and children who are survivors of domestic violence should have the tools they need to have a life of safety, stability and success. Your support has made it possible for the United Way of Jackson County to fund the Trauma Counseling at the AWARE Shelter.  Survivors of domestic and sexual violence have a safe and nurturing environment where they can begin the healing process.  They have access to group and individual counseling.  Through this program, survivors have the opportunityto escape their past and develop their future.  The story of Danna and her daughter is just one of hundreds ... Read more
  • A BOLD STEP TOWARD FINANCIAL STABILITY A BOLD STEP TOWARD FINANCIAL STABILITYBlog by Ken Toll My last two blogs touched on a new community vision, United Way’s focus on Financial Stability, and the impact of poverty and near-poverty on people and the community. Today I want to touch on how Jackson County is going to really move the needle. Remember our vision: We will be a community rich in opportunities to eliminate poverty and allow all people to achieve financial stability and success. A vision is great. Every community should have one. But if we don’t take deliberate steps to make it real, it’s just words on paper. This is where partnership is so crucial. United ... Read more
  • MAKING JACKSON A BETTER PLACE FOR EVERYONE MAKING JACKSON A BETTER PLACE FOR EVERYONE“I want to do what I can to help others. It’s as simple as that.” Ted Ykimoff is a longtime volunteer with United Way of Jackson County.  For 22 years he has helped as a solicitor, chaired our General Business Campaign, volunteered at local events and engaged in countless other ways.  This year Ted is running United Way’s community fundraising efforts.  Ted calls Jackson County home and he wants only the best for our community. “I count it a blessing to be part of the United Way team that has a ‘Go All In’ commitment to Jackson County.  Having lived here most ... Read more
  • SO WHAT IS ‘FINANCIAL STABILITY’ ALL ABOUT? SO WHAT IS 'FINANCIAL STABILITY' ALL ABOUT?Financial Stability has been one of United Way’s focus areas for years, along with Education, Health, and Capacity Building. But given how often people ask me what it means, I guess we haven’t done a good job of describing it. A financially stable household has these four things going for it: 1.) Enough income to meet basic needs, meaning food, shelter, health care and other daily expenses; 2.) Enough income to save a little on top of basic needs; 3.) The knowledge to manage a household budget and credit; 4.) The ability to purchase an asset, such as housing, transportation or ... Read more