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UNITED WE FIGHT for the financial stability of every person in Jackson County. It’s understood that no one can improve their financial situation without first having their basic needs met, which includes safe and affordable housing. Through your support, United Way of Jackson County is able to partner with the Jackson Housing Commission to offer Support Services to individuals who are working hard to improve their lives. This high-risk population is offered assistance with life skills, basic needs, conflict resolution, healthcare coordination, and job development, among other things, while ensuring their housing needs are met. Through hard work and assistance through these services, individuals achieve normalcy and balance in their lives so they can be prepared to develop their pathway toward financial stability and success. Margaret is just one of many who have been able to benefit from this type of UWJC support.

Margaret has been a tenant at Reed Manor for 13 years. Prior to her finding housing with JHC, she had experienced multiple episodes of homelessness, the most recent lasting for 3 years.

She told us, “I feel welcome at Reed manor. I don’t feel like I’m being forced to do anything that I don’t want to do. I feel safe. I really feel safe, I don’t have to worry about someone breaking into my home, and I don’t feel like I have to be afraid of walking around outside here, during the day or at night.

I love the people here. I love my Housing Manager, and I love the Community Resource Specialists in the Community Living Room, and I love the Case Manager. I’ve interacted with all of them and they’ve always treated me with respect and kindness. I love it here and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve met a lot of really great people.”

Last year, 94% of the program participants were able to have their basic needs met while they actively worked through barriers that prevented them from maintaining employment. Many of these individuals were also able to engage in some form of educational activity. Your support continues to change and improve lives in Jackson County.

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