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Central Michigan 2-1-1, Playing A Major Role in the Flint Water Crisis. 

The call center is located here in Jackson and it services nine counties, including Genesee.  For several months Central Michigan 2-1-1 has been assisting Flint residents in many ways including helping to schedule water deliveries, directing people to lead testing sites, providing info to residents on how to test water themselves and rumor control (the list goes on and on).  Within the past month alone Central Michigan 2-1-1 has handled thousands of calls from Flint residents and they are finding resolutions for issues many us will never have to think about.

  • Addressing issues of Flint’s special needs population including easy to read brochures for the elderly.  Braille and oral instructions for the visually impaired.  Print and interactive services for the deaf and hard of hearing population.
  • For residents who don’t have online access, Central Michigan 211 is providing hard copy information through the mail and at public locations such as libraries and schools.
  • Providing media with weekly updates so they can repeat essential information.
  • Assisting residents in signing up for text alert services.

Central Michigan 211 continues to work on issues for Flint residents that remain unresolved.

  • Trying to located donated filters for shower heads.
  • Some residents are concerned 2-1-1 is sharing their personal information with the government.  2-1-1 calls are confidential and information is never released without permission from the caller
  • Continuously trying to inform callers when canvassers will be in their area so residents can adjust their schedules to meet with them.

This is a small sampling of the impact the Central Michigan 2-1-1 call center in Jackson is making in Flint.  Each county is financially responsible for Central Michigan 2-1-1’s service to their area.

Central Michigan 2-1-1 continues to impact the lives of Jackson residents.  Please follow this link for an example..

Giving referrals to people who need help

The Impact of 2-1-1

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