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We are making sure elderly women in Jackson are provided with meals, a roof over their head and baseline health care.  The United Way of Jackson County Supports the Jackson Friendly Home, a nonprofit affordable option offering a home-like atmosphere that encourages independence.  Women are often referred to the home through a physician or after their primary caregivers decide they can no longer take care of them alone.  If it wasn’t for The Jackson Friendly Home, some of Jackson’s most delicate citizens would be living on the streets.  For example, Tracy now has a home and a family.

Tracy was living in a one room apartment without family support for years and her health began to fail.  She was receiving support from local food banks and agencies but needed more support for her increasing medical needs.  A referral came to the Home from the Adult Protective Services and Tracy was able to move in just days after being hospitalized for dehydration.  She adjusted well to her new environment and is now functioning as a part of her new community.  The ladies of the Friendly Home have welcomed her and she now has a family and the necessary medical support to allow her to be a healthy member of her community.

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