United Way

January 2019 Campaign Connections


Successful workplace campaigns like yours help low-income individuals regain and maintain their financial stability. Follow the link and see how your support matters. CLICK HERE


Have you turned in your organization’s envelope? Is it still sitting on your desk, maybe hiding under a folder? Perhaps it just slipped your mind. We will be happy to come and get that off your desk. Just give us a call or send us an email and we will be right over.

WE’D LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU! We would like to maintain a presence with you and your team throughout the year. What is the best way for us to do that? What type of content would be helpful? Please share with us any ideas you have that would help to best accomplish this goal. Also, we hosted a Campaign Coordinators Round Table for many years. This was an opportunity for ECC’s like you, to get together and talk about successes, challenges, and communicate to us what we can do to better serve you. Please let us know if you would like to attend an event like this. We will plan another roundtable if there is enough interest. Send an email to Marc Daly or Beth Shafer, we look forward to your feedback.

STAY TUNED! Soon, we will be announcing our revamped Volunteer Reception and Campaign Celebration. We are planning an event to not only thank all our volunteers who have worked so hard on successful workplace campaigns, but to also recognize those efforts and campaigns. We are in the early planning stages, details will be announced within the next few weeks for this March event.


LET’S SAY THANK YOU! Do you have an employee meeting coming up or an opportunity for a Lunch and Learn? If so, then we would embrace the opportunity to say thank you.  We would take just a few minutes and share a story or two of the IMPACT your support is making in our community. Send us an email if you would like to set something up.

We also have Thank you table tents we would like to drop off to you. They can be displayed in your meeting rooms, cafeteria, or other common areas. This is an easy and simple way for us to thank everyone in your organization for supporting United Way of Jackson County. Please let us know when would be a good time to drop them off to you.


GOLF UNITED! Yes, the pun is intended. Follow the link to our Golf United page or text GOLFUNITED to 91999. Save $50 by registering your team before February 28th.


TBA for March – Volunteer Reception and Campaign Celebration

Friday, May 17 – Golf UNITED @ Hankerd Hills

Again, thank you for everything you do.

Beth Shafer
Director of Resource Development

Marc W. Daly
Campaign Manager



United Way of Jackson County fights for the financial stability for everyone in our community.


To live better, we must LIVE UNITED.