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We believe all people should have the opportunity to embrace a healthy lifestyle so they can live, work and succeed.


Your support has made it possible to remove obstacles that prevent families and individuals from maintaining their own health and allowing them to work or continue their education.  Project Access is a United Way created and funded program that coordinates necessary health care services to patients that cannot afford medical services and do not have insurance or qualify for public health insurance programs.   Donna’s story is just one of many who have been impacted by your support.

Donna found a lump and it scared her.  Many members of her family had breast cancer scares and now she felt like it was her turn.  Donna is a 46 year old single mom working whatever hours she could at her part-time job. 

Donna was uninsured.  She called 2-1-1.

Soon Donna was enrolled in Project Access (afterwards she said she was treated with dignity during the enrolment process.)  Very quickly she was connected with a physician who volunteered her time and services for the program.  She was long-overdue for diagnostic tests.  Donna was grateful for finally being able to speak confidentially with a doctor to discuss her risk.  Through Project Access, she was able to obtain her first mammogram in four years.

Her fears were comforted.

Since the program’s inception in 2007, nearly $18 million in free health care has been provided to over 1,700 Jackson County residents.  Your support has made a difference.

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